Hong Kong – LINE Today Hong Kong, the news and content curation hub within social messaging app LINE, has partnered with digital advertising solutions company Innity to launch its new self-serve platform to streamline its ad operations and expand its ad offerings to advertisers. 

LINE Today curates and publishes over 1,000 news and content articles daily and has over two million monthly active users. The new custom platform enables LINE Today’s advertisers to set up orders, manage campaigns, and build their creatives. It also enables advertisers to run Innity’s high-impact mobile ad formats like Mobile Spin and Mobile Cards, amongst others. In addition, advertisers can set their own campaign budget and schedule, and then monitor results and adjust as needed in a real-time dashboard. 

Queenie Hung, LINE’s sales director for Hong Kong, commented, “We’re excited to enable advertisers to easily and quickly create and upload their own campaigns that they can push live to 2 million active users on LINE Today Hong Kong in an effective way.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Lim, Innity Hong Kong’s managing partner, shared that they are excited to be working with LINE Today Hong Kong who is an innovative publisher dedicated to discovering the best advertising technologies. 

“We’re excited to have become their partner and support and streamline their ad campaigns with our programmatic-driven self-serve solution, and we expect that it will create significant monetization opportunities for them,” said Lim.