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PH fintech Uploan PH evolves as employee wellness platform SAVii Asia

Manila, Philippines – Local fintech Uploan PH has recently evolved as employee wellness platform SAVii Asia, mirroring the startup’s provision of financial empowerment to over 400,000 employees in the Philippines.

The SAVii platform provides financial education and mental health awareness training, as well as their financial services. Their services aim to enhance employee wellbeing and reduce workplace stress.

According to Liam Grealish, CEO and founder of SAVii Asia, their platform helps in building a resilient workforce that can maintain focus and engagement that redounds to the benefit of business.

“Employee well-being is threatened by financial demands heightened by the pandemic. We are a platform that delivers financial services to employees that other formal financial institutions are unable to service,” Grealish said.

He also added that there has been a ‘quiet revolution’ in employee behaviour toward financial products is taking place beneath the surface; preferable to receive services through their employers as an employee benefit deducted from their pay rather than going directly to suppliers outside of their company. This results in a more convenient and affordable consumer experience. 

SAVii had doubled their customer base during the pandemic; bringing them closer to their goal to transform the lives of its partners’ employees by reliably providing access to the financial power of their salary when they need it. HR departments is expected to benefit from the boost to employee well being which betters loyalty and engagement.

The evolution of the SAVii Asia brand follows a recent survey they conducted across 10,000 employees. In it, they found that 90% of working Filipinos prefer to access financial products through salary deduction. A SAVii spokesperson further stated that when the fintech startup started, 40% of employees did not access financial products through salary deduction, and that number is now down to 18%.