Sydney, Australia — Media agency Initiative has set their eyes on this year’s Super Bowl as they have announced the launch of the inaugural Marketing Multi for industry experts to test their marketing acumen against the market. 

The Super Bowl, considered the world’s biggest advertising stage, is a platform that encapsulates the zeitgeist of sports and popular culture. With this comes a wave of industry predictions and commentary, with very little accountability, so this year, Initiative is putting together a betting market that is open industry.

The platform has been built from the ground up by Initiative’s Cultural Analytics department, which has crowdsourced experts around the world to create 50 markets punters can predict with odds updating live every day. From ‘Ryan Reynolds crashing an ad’, ‘Last minute Tom Brady Retirement Respect Spot’ to ‘Two Chainz talking about BlockChain’ the markets feature a series of strong possibilities, dark horses and wild species to make it interesting. Super Bowl enthusiasts can put in their bets in Initiative’s Marketing Multi website (

Whilst, there’s no real money to be won there are industry bragging rights for the person with the highest performing multi. There is no limit to how many entries an individual can make, open to all agencies, marketers, media owners, or anyone wanting to have a punt. 

Chris Colter, chief strategy officer of Initiative, said that the Super Bowl remains truly unique as a moment in time where marketers collectively bet big on creativity. Colter said that instead of sharing prediction articles, Top 5’s or Super Bowl Bingo cards, this year Initiative wanted to push it a bit further and create some real fun with it.

Ryan Haeusler, head of communications design for Initiative Sydney, commented on the unique event, saying, “What makes this platform great, is that it’s essentially calculating the perceived probability of each outcome through odds, based on everyone’s bets. It’s not based on subjectivity or fake ‘big data’ but a real human prediction. I cannot wait to see how well the Aussie market knows the US.”