Australia – Media company News Corp Australia has launched a national campaign aimed at clients using the power of visual storytelling called ‘A Whole News Way to Grow’.

The new campaign draws inspiration from the growth of News Corp Australia’s journey in using visual storytelling to reach and represent the many communities and client groups.

The creative centerpiece of the campaign, which is developed by News Corp Australia’s in-house creative agency Roller, is a commissioned piece of art by world-renowned Torres Strait Islander artist Alick Tipoti, called ‘Mura Ukapilamayzinga’, which means ‘All Connected’. 

According to News Corp, the artwork aims to showcase a story of growth, how connections between communities have changed throughout the years, and how different categories such as food, travel, and sport, as well as technology, and data play a role in connecting people and culture. 

Furthermore, the artwork’s intricate visual story draws on the traditional carvings of Tipoti’s ancestors. It shows a global journey and in doing so, represents News Corp Australia’s evolution and growth. 

Commenting on the artwork, Tipoti said, “It was unusual yet satisfying for me to carve modern images in this new work, which I see as a collaboration of old, current, and future imagery and themes interpreted through the eyes of a Zenadth-Kes Islander (Torres Strait Islander).”

Meanwhile, News Corp Australia’s Managing Director of National Sales Lou Barrett noted that this campaign visually depicts a community’s transition from the past to an increasingly digital world, which is a transition that News Corp Australia has made over the years.

“Our approach with clients is about understanding the journey that their business is on, and what I love about the artwork is that it reflects this, showing not just our journey but those of our clients and our country. We wanted to take a creative approach to this campaign to reflect the level of creative thinking we will always bring to solve our clients’ problems,” said Barett.

The campaign will be running for over eight weeks through high-impact placements across key trade media websites and The Australian.