Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Targeted at helping people keep their new year’s resolution, creators from digital marketing agency Lion & Lion launched Resolutions NFT Series, a limited edition art collection that integrates motion graphics, generative art, original digital music creation, and typography design.

The NFT artworks integrate global data on the 10 most popular new year resolutions from 2019 to 2022 that people fail to keep and are most likely to be repeated again in the following year. 

The limited edition NFT series will be released in various blockchains, debuting with Objkt.com, one of the largest CleanNFT art marketplaces. 

Cheelip Ong, regional chief creative officer of Lion & Lion, said “With the abundance of artists and creators in our network who are Web3 natives, it makes perfect sense for us to enter 2023 with a trend-jacking NFT Drop to showcase our creative and artistic abilities, across different blockchains and NFT Art platforms.”

He also added that the launch demonstrates Lion & Lion’s ability to clients and brands who are planning on transitioning from Web2 to Web3.