Jakarta, Indonesia RedDoorz, Southeast Asian hotel management and booking platform, has selected Haptik, the conversational AI platform under Jio Platforms,  to revamp its customer experience. With the help of Haptik’s multilingual AI Chatbot, RedDoorz aims to provide personalized customer support to its Southeast Asian customers across its website, mobile apps, and the latest messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Anila Rao, vice president for APAC at Haptik, commented on the partnership, saying, “RedDoorz has been a pioneer in Southeast Asia’s hospitality sector. Haptik will be utilizing its vast expertise and experience of working with global hospitality brands to create a world-class chatbot for RedDoorz to achieve its goal of enhancing customer experience.”

Haptik powers conversations that ignite user engagement and provide on-demand support. With Haptik, RedDoorz plans to improve customer query resolution by increasing first-time resolution and reducing average customer handling time for support queries in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Tagalog.

Meanwhile, Shanketh Ragunath, product manager for CX at RedDoorz, shared that the hospitality brand has been looking for an AI chatbot vendor to provide a faster response to its customers and keep up with its rapidly expanding business. 

“The company has evaluated various vendors from around the world for their capabilities and affordability. Haptik has demonstrated good natural-language understanding and swift responses across our languages of interest. Their pricing is affordable and transparent, and their team is very amiable. We are hoping to build a successful partnership with Haptik,” Ragunath said.