Singapore-based real estate enterprise OrangeTee has recently embarked on a recent brand refresh effort, the first of its kind for the brand since its inception in 2000. For the company, the new branding efforts puts highlight on its three key pillars – productivity, presence, and partnerships – to drive the company’s growth in the real estate industry.

We recently sat down with Jon Tan, senior vice president and head of brand, digital marketing and communication at OrangeTee, to learn more exclusively about OrangeTee’s conceptualisation process on the brand refresh effort, how it reflects both its desire to expand operations and its diverse stakeholders base, as well as how it evokes the “kampung” or compassionate and communal spirit.

‘Find Your Place’

For Tan, the simple yet profound slogan ‘Find Your Place’ is the heart of the new OrangeTee brand: focusing more on resonating deeply with anyone who is navigating the complexities of the real estate landscape.

“Whether you are finding a place to call home, a strategic space for business expansion, or a platform for professional growth, the presence of a trusted partner to navigate the real estate journey is indispensable. Our renewed vision is to help everyone in the real estate journey, making it understandable and accessible to all. By empowering individuals to find their rightful place in the world, we aspire to enrich lives and redefine standards within the industry,” he explained.

He also added that the decision to embark on OrangeTee’s brand refresh stems from a deep-rooted commitment to staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry. For him, recognising the necessity to redefine their brand identity aligns them with the evolving needs and perceptions of their internal and external stakeholders.

“Through extensive consultations with key stakeholders, involving board members, management staff, and key agency leaders, coupled with a comprehensive whole-of-agency brand survey involving our agents and staff, we gleaned invaluable insights that formed the bedrock of our brand refresh. This inclusive approach seeks to foster buy-in from everyone close to the company, allowing us to discern their sentiments and aspirations for change,” he explained.

How the brand refresh efforts stresses importance of ongoing stakeholder engagement

Prior to the brand refresh unveiling, Tan said that he personally conducted a series of Brand Refresh briefings to engage their internal stakeholders, including agents, agency leaders, corporate management, and staff, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of their new brand direction.

“Our Brand Sentiment Survey revealed an impressive 97.6% alignment with our updated Vision, Mission, and Core Values amongst the attendees—an affirmation of our brand’s revitalised direction, compared to a mere 52.4% comprehension of our previous brand identity. Through these engaging briefings and surveys, we have ensured that every member of the organisation not only understands but also aligns with our refreshed vision, mission, and core values,” he said.

“By nurturing a culture where these values are not just espoused but embodied, we empower our team to effect meaningful change and “SEE” the true spirit of OrangeTee coming to life,” Tan added.

For him, the essence of OrangeTee’s core values lies not merely in words but reflected in our everyday actions. He explains that in OrangeTeeo’s brand refresh, they have transitioned from static nouns to dynamic action verbs, underscoring their steadfast commitment to actively embodying these values in the company’s daily endeavours.

“This brand refresh has underscored the importance of ongoing stakeholder engagement. It serves as a testament to the need for continual dialogue and interaction to refresh, reaffirm, and fortify our brand identity, ensuring that every individual within our organisation is imbued with a renewed sense of purpose as they find their place in the workplace,” he explained.

On standing out from the rest and embodying a sense of community

When asked how OrangeTee separates itself from the rest of the industry, Tan states that their differentiation strategy stems from a profound understanding of their stakeholders, particularly the agents and staff, who form the cornerstone of the business.

“Through extensive discussions and the brand survey, we’ve gleaned invaluable insights that have shaped our brand identity. These insights have guided our creative agency in developing meaningful proposals that have been exceptionally well-received,” he said.

Tan also added, “By capitalising on our distinctive brand name and iconic orange colour, complemented by a modern, dynamic, and edgy aesthetics, we are poised to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our commitment to professionalism and trust, coupled with a deep-rooted sense of community and solidarity, sets us apart as a beacon of excellence in the real estate landscape.”

He also highlighted how the branding efforts highlights the company’s mission of embodying a sense of community, adding “At the heart of our brand refresh lies a profound sense of community and solidarity—a reflection of the “kampung spirit” ingrained in OrangeTee’s DNA. Our approach to this brand refresh is not merely cosmetic; it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and collaboration.”

For Tan, they have prioritised the engagement of all stakeholders closely associated with their brand, many of whom have been integral members of the OrangeTee family for years, considering it a second home. He further explained that by fostering a culture where every voice is valued and heard, they have forged a collective vision of growth and success.

“From engaging discussions to inclusive briefings and feedback sessions, we have provided a platform for every member of our OrangeTee family to contribute, participate, and thrive. In doing so, we not only reaffirm our dedication to accessibility and understanding within the real estate realm but also epitomise the essence of community—a place where everyone finds belonging and purpose,” he concluded.

Australia – Real estate agency Domain has launched a new campaign with three films starring actors Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale. 

In partnership with Howatson+Company, the films introduce the new brand platform ‘Know what we know’ which reflects Domain’s commitment to provide customers with confidence in their property journey.

In the films directed by Australian director Trent O’Donnell, Byrne and Cannavale play a couple who go to extreme lengths to try and uncover information that will help them find the right property.

The situations in the film are resolved by Domain’s brand new search experience, including exclusive features such as ‘Search by School Zone’, ‘Recently Sold Prices’, and ‘Suburb Insights’.

Talking about the campaign, Rebecca Darley, chief marketing officer at Domain, said, “In an era where information is the most valuable asset, ‘Know What We Know’ bridges the gap between the experts and the seekers. As a data and tech-powered business, Domain is on a journey to leverage its assets to guide Aussies through every step of their property journey.”

“Many Australians can relate to that feeling of property obsession, going above and beyond in their property search to feel confident they are making the right decision. This proved fertile ground to bring to life the new re-imagined search experience in the Domain App, and stretch the brand into a lighthearted and entertaining territory. With Domain, gone are the days of undercover suburb stakeouts and uninformed decisions, you have the power to know what the experts know, empowering you to navigate your property journey with confidence,” she added. 

Meanwhile, Richard Shaw and Jeremy Hogg, executive creative directors at Howatson+Company, added, “Since day one, Rebecca and the Domain team have spoken of their ambition for the business and the brand — you can see that ambition in this first campaign. We couldn’t be more excited to launch ‘Know what we know’ for Domain and continue to build the platform together.”

The campaign includes TV, Online, OOH, Radio, Social and sponsorship of Allianz Stadium.

Singapore – Asian smart living management system Habitap announced a strategic partnership with real estate company JLL to curate a super-app that provides a smart building experience with a range of smart functionalities for JLL’s clients. 

Powered by Habitap, the super app called ‘COMPASS SG’ allows JLL clients access to a wide range of control and management over their smart households, as well as avail other features such as security and building services. 

The COMPASS SG app is fully customisable based on each clients’ individual needs, allowing for a fully integrated, connected tenant experience programme that combines technology, tenant experience and community features. In addition, this app includes a real-time access control management portal that allows tenants to track important building information.

Various visitor access options are also available to allow tenants to manage their visitors more efficiently. For example, they can register through facial recognition, HID Mobile Access or a QR code sent to them before their visit and or via a kiosk powered by Habitap. Other features include wayfinding, electronic lockers, and car park management tools. 

The app further provides access to real-time data, giving greater security and control over their facilities. Tenants can also apply for building and maintenance services as well as send circulars, push notifications, and emergency broadcasts. Furthermore, the smart concierge feature, facility booking, and Building Management System integration feature automates administrative tasks for the clients so that they can focus on running their businesses.

Additionally, the community functions of the app enable tenants to easily offer promotions and news to their customers, as well as a more efficient way for users to sign up for upcoming events and redemption of vouchers, allowing for better capability to drive promotions and to engage the community.

Commenting on the partnership, Franklin Tang, founder and CEO of Habitap, said, “We are thrilled to partner with JLL – a trusted global name in the commercial real estate industry. Habitap’s goal has always been focused on helping organizations transform through vision and technology to ultimately enable people to experience a Smart Living lifestyle.”

Meanwhile, Derek Soh, executive director of JLL, said, “We are excited to be working with Habitap, whose commitment to delivering experiential real estate solutions mirrors our own. Our partnership with Habitap is a testament to our dedication to providing the best-in-class, innovative solutions that drive our clients’ experiences to the next level.”

As part of the partnership, JLL has already rolled out the app in one commercial building in Singapore and will progressively implement it in more buildings by the fourth quarter of 2023.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Premier lifestyle property developer Eastern & Oriental (E&O) has launched a new digital documentary series, which spotlights the diverse insights and perspectives of Malaysian thinkers, entrepreneurs, and artists who help rethink how people should live their lives.

The documentary series, titled ‘Human Living’, imagines the future of our cities through veritable topics such as ‘Social & Cultural Capital’, ‘15-Minute City’, and ‘Secondary City Boom’. 

It will also feature E&O’s developments from Conlay and The Peak in Kuala Lumpur, to Avira in Medini Iskandar, Johor, and The Meg and Arica on the much-anticipated prime reclaimed island, Andaman in Penang.

The first episode, which is currently out, invites viewers to delve into what makes cities rich in culture, such as Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Johor, desirable destinations for ‘Social & Cultural Capital’ and what draws the creative class to live in these cities. Other episodes will feature how the shift to work-from-home modalities has opened up new possibilities for homebuyers looking to live outside of the big city and into properties that are larger and closer to nature, yet still affordable for a better quality of life.

Emily Teh, director of project and property investments at E&O Group, said that with over 20 years of experience in creating notable addresses in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor, they are proud to see the evolution of their sophisticated clientele. 

“Today’s homebuyer is urbane, they are thinking beyond themselves and their families, considering their role in a community–from cradle to care, to how their neighbourhood can enhance their quality of life from a safety, convenience, health and mental wellbeing standpoints. Most importantly, they are looking to navigate in and out of work and play seamlessly to fully enjoy every second of life,” Teh said.

Singapore – One of the leading professional services firms, JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle), has announced the appointment of its new head of communications. Laura Vallis will be responsible for leading the globally integrated strategy, implementation, and delivery of the firm’s communications to employees, partners and external audiences. 

With the role to be effective this April, Vallis will be based in New York and reporting to CMO Siddharth Taparia

Vallis brings with her a broad global perspective across diverse industries and areas of expertise. She was most recently the first chief communications officer at Manulife, where she established an integrated global communications function for the company. Previously, she was managing director and global head of corporate communications for Barclays’ Corporate & Investment Bank. 

Furthermore, goes under her belt is serving as chief of staff to the president of Dow Jones and an extensive experience in the CPG industry, having spent much of her early career in corporate affairs leadership roles with AB InBev. 

Taparia said that as JLL tells the story of its renewed brand promise, which is to the message of ‘See a Brighter Way’, Vallis’ two-decade of communications experience will be integral in guiding how the firm shapes its narrative. 

“Her proven forward-looking thinking will support us in differentiating the JLL story in the market, from our technology ambition and sustainability efforts to our industry expertise,” commented Taparia.

Meanwhile, Vallis herself shared that the time is an exciting one to be joining JLL when commercial real estate can have far-reaching impact on some of the most pertinent issues of the present period. 

“I can’t wait to tell the story of JLL’s purpose of shaping the future of real estate for a better world supported by its more than 100,000 employees globally in 80 countries,” she concluded.

Manila, Philippines – Popular mobile wallet GCash has teamed up with property developer Ayala Land to now allow users to view select properties, inquire and access cashless payments when investing in real estate. 

According to a report by ABS-CBN, users can log in to the app’s GLife feature to browse Ayala Land’s property listings and submit an inquiry. Property listings can be viewed by tapping GLife and searching for the ‘real estate’ tab.

Martha Sazon, president and CEO of GCash, said, “With this partnership with Ayala Land, GCash enables potential homeowners and property seekers to conduct virtual unit viewing and, after they make the decision to buy a property, access cashless payment of reservation fees using their e-wallet account.”

Meanwhile, Bobby O. Dy, president and CEO at Ayala Land, commented, “As more and more individuals are turning to the convenience of online shopping, we strongly believe that buying home and real estate properties should not be any different. By launching four of our key brands on GLife, Filipinos can now have a more seamless experience in buying Ayala Land properties.”

The announcement comes after GCash recently announced the opening its new in-app stock trading platform service ‘GStocks’ and a digital wallet for minors ‘GCash Jr’.

Vietnam – Houze, a proptech startup in Vietnam that offers a fully integrated real estate ecosystem for agents and customers through its offline-to-online platform, has raised a $2m of funding led by DKRA Group, giving the company resources to continue expanding its services and growing its team to meet the demand in Vietnam and beyond.

Houze has created a multi-platform for both real-estate agents and home-buyers, offering integrated services from the transaction, management, investment, and financing options. It features services such as Houze Agent (digital brokerage), Houze Commerce (property management platform under SaaS), and Houze Invest (Fintech resulted from real estate), amongst others. All these services are integrated and linked in Houze, providing a seamless experience for its users, and managing to combine the elements into one unique platform. 

The newly secured funding will be used in completing the leadership team, as well as enhancing the core products. In addition, it will be used for the strategic partnership with Vietnam’s real estate service brand DKRA Group, which creates the advantage of exclusive inventories and enhances battlefield experience in the real estate industry in the country

Houze said that it is also in the process of closing an additional fund with venture capital to launch new products such as Houze Portal, Houze Super App, and Houze Finance.

Pham Lam, Houze’s founder, said, “Technology will disrupt geographical limitations and human capital, closing the gap between agents and home-buyers and professionalise the brokerage community.”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Tropicana Corporation, property developer in Malaysia; together with digital-first agency Lion & Lion, has released a new short film to showcase Tropicana’s brand promise and tagline of ‘Redefining the Art of Living’ in a meaningful way to its target audience of potential homeowners.

The 55-second film succinctly elaborates on the fact that homes fulfil the emotional and social needs of the homeowner, which extend beyond the physical needs provided by a house. Lion & Lion said the message aligns closely with Tropicana’s product offerings which focus on nine aspects – accessibility, connectivity, innovative concepts and designs, generous open spaces, amenities, facilities, multi-tiered security and quality. Each residential property of Tropicana is surrounded by amenities such as schools, green spaces, recreational facilities, and commercial or retail outlets to create a sense of community and homeliness.

“We’re excited to be part of this campaign with Tropicana as it’s an opportunity for us to further express its tagline in a more meaningful way. We believe the purpose of this film goes above and beyond, for the brand and its customers, as we want people to not just buy a house, but believe in the brand like never before,” says Adrian Ng, creative group head of Lion & Lion Malaysia.

As the first stage in the agency’s overall branding campaign, the film – launched on Tropicana’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms – will be supplemented with social media content, on-ground marketing materials and digital assets to give a fresh new look to the Tropicana brand that puts its dedication to building homes at the forefront. 

Manila, Philippines – Professional services and investment management firm Colliers has recently appointed Rodel Ambas as the new head of marketing and communications for Colliers Philippines, effective immediately. 

Ambas will continue to implement Colliers’ brand guidelines to ensure that all of the firm’s marketing and communications efforts are consistent and well aligned with their core values and vision, collaborating with stakeholders to drive exceptional results.

Prior to his new role, he was with consulting firm Pinnacle Consulting as the head of marketing, where he was responsible for the property listings and customer service teams to ensure that the company’s branding, communications and performance marketing initiatives are well aligned and executed.

Before joining Colliers, he also had experience with companies like real estate marketplaces ZipMatch and Lamudi, and has provided consulting for various companies to help boost their content and public relations strategies to earn PR mileage through events and regular seeding of press releases.

Speaking about the recent appointment, Richard Raymundo, managing director for Philippines at Colliers, said, “I am confident that Rodel will contribute to leading our industry into the future given his enterprising and collaborative spirit. This will further strengthen Colliers’ branding and positioning in Philippine real estate.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Doyle-Jones, director of marketing and communications for Asia at Colliers, commented, “We are excited to have Rodel join our team to lead and further strengthen the Colliers brand in the Philippines. His relevant experience in real estate will certainly help us to drive exceptional results to accelerate the success of our clients and our people.”

Singapore – To draw attention to the launch of its latest luxury residential development Midtown Modern, regional property company GuocoLand has launched a new out-of-home (OOH) campaign to entice customers with a walk inspired by nature aesthetics and real estate luxury.

Developed in collaboration with Moove Media, the OOH campaign is placed at Bugis MRT, which utilizes the linkway between the Downtown Line (DTL) and East-West Line (EWL) with wall mural and floor stickers of the development and extensive greenery to provide commuters with an immersive garden experience Additionally, the soothing sounds of nature with running water and bird calls bring an oasis of calm to the bustling thoroughfare. The campaign with Moove Media extends to in-carriage window stickers on DTL trains.

In addition, a large ambient billboard greets commuters with an eye-catching aerial view of Midtown Modern’s twin towers and its grand lawn at the Bugis MRT EWL escalators. The media space at the EWL escalators is managed by SMRT Media.

Dora Chng, general manager (Residential) at GuocoLand, said: “With Midtown Modern located directly above the Bugis MRT interchange, the OOH campaign was vital to capture commuter mindshare and introduce a unique nature in the city living concept.”

GuocoLand aims to bring Midtown Modern’s message of garden homes in the city to tenants, shoppers, residents and members of the public at its flagship integrated development Guoco Tower in the CBD. Guoco Tower is directly connected to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

“OOH was also instrumental in building high visibility with commuters and complemented our omnichannel marketing strategy across print, digital and social media. We are delighted that the response from partners and customers to the OOH and integrated marketing campaign has been overwhelmingly positive,” Chng added.

From 3 June to 14 July, the next phase of the OOH campaign goes digital with a creative video to be displayed on the 6-metre Wonderwall at Dhoby Ghaut MRT interchange, which reaches commuters of three MRT lines – North-East, North-South and Circle Line. Commuters will be brought on a mesmerizing journey through Midtown Modern’s lush and spacious landscaping, colourful forests, and thoughtful amenities through video.