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Jollibee’s latest campaign shows joy of eating out safely in new normal

Philippines Restaurant chain Jollibee together with its creative agency, Publicis JimenezBasic (PJB) tried to capture the unique experience of dining out in the new normal and the newfound joy that comes with spending time again with family and friends in the fast-food chain’s latest safety video. 

Titled ‘Salamat sa Joy ng Muling Pagsasama’, (Thank you for the joy of reunion), the video promotion features everyday circumstances including the little inconveniences in a fresh and optimistic outlook in life. Whether it’s the lead girl basking happily under the sun, or a family enjoying their time inside their car during rush hour, all the characters in the film are seen smiling widely at the chance to enjoy bonding moments again with friends and loved ones at the restaurant chain which has always been one of their favourite go-to places.

After two years of changing restrictions, ordinary moments that have taken a backseat like these have only become more special and appreciated. And this gratefulness is also shown in the faces of Jollibee’s store manager and crew, as the fully vaccinated store teams are eager to welcome customers back and provide a safe dining experience. 

Jollibee Philippines Assistant Vice President and Head of Brand PR, Engagement, and Digital Marketing, Arline Adeva, said, “As COVID-19 protocols are easing up, more Filipinos have become more confident and willing to eat out together with their families and friends once again. We want to assure them that Jollibee shares their joy and that our stores are safe venues to rekindle the joy of eating out with their loved ones.” 

To strengthen the message of newfound joy and appreciation that the brand hopes to convey, the video’s soundtrack used a rendition of Salamat (Thank you) by Filipino band The Dawn. The iconic song’s lyrics were altered a bit to fit the Jollibee brand and reflect Filipinos’ gratitude for “saya ng muling pagsasama” (fun of reunion). 

“We’re all experiencing a new kind of joy and this merits a song that captures the feeling and experience of being together again. We went through a lot of songs to find the one. But no other song could match the message of ‘Salamat.’ The feeling of gratitude, nostalgia, and appreciation for our togetherness now was already written with this song, and we only needed to make a few tweaks to reflect every little detail of joy in our lives today,” said the PJB creatives team.

Director Adrian Calumpang said, “It’s wonderful that Jollibee cares about their customers’ safety and well-being and it shows in how they regularly communicate this in their materials throughout these extraordinary times, all while sustaining their sincere message of joy.”Aside from the seemingly ordinary but sweet scenes of friends and family dining together, the director also highlighted the restaurant chain’s safety measures such as featuring fully vaccinated store teams, checking of vaccination cards for indoor dining, physical distancing, wearing of proper PPEs, and general upkeep and sanitation of the store.

Likewise, the creative team of Publicis JimenezBasic also expressed their collective excitement about the campaign, “We were all so excited to work on this project as we have been feeling the same sense of gratitude that is the exact message from the brand. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. We are all now going through the same experience of enjoying life outside, a stark contrast to the emptiness we’ve grown accustomed to for the past two years. Even going through daily traffic now is a welcome sight because it gives us a new feeling of being alive. Through this project, we were able to share that gratitude and joy.”