Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Popular soft drink brand Mountain Dew and video game title PUBG have teamed up to relaunch the ‘Dew Challenge’ in Malaysia, which pushes boundaries once again by bridging virtual and reality bringing an immersive and unique experience to the youth, at the same time promoting vibrant, active lifestyles.

Aimed at catching the hearts of sporty, adventurous youths and aspiring PUBG players, everyone can expect an immersive gaming experience packed with new and fresh ideas through this collaboration.

Starting 1 October, interested participants can purchase a 400ml bottle of Mountain Dew, head to the Dew Challenge website at dewchallenge.com and key in the unique code located under the bottle cap to complete their registration and redeem prizes.

The launch will be accompanied by a treasure hunt, drawing inspiration from in-game mechanics. Just like how players parachute onto their desired drop zones on a map, the treasure hunt will begin with participants choosing the region where their journey begins. Likewise, just as players scavenge for weapons, armour and supplies from a loot box at the beginning of a game, participants will scavenge for loot boxes that lead to extra leader board points and more before the tournament.

Meanwhile, customers in Klang Valley will witness a special Dew Challenge roving truck will be bringing excitement to you at various locations including universities, partner outlets, night markets, commercial shopping spots and more. To redeem exclusive merchandise and sampling products, visitors can take part in a number of PUBG inspired activities including, a special Mountain Dew x PUBG vending machine, an immersive shooting gallery and a gaming jam session, where further prizes are up for grabs.

Amy Gan, vice president of marketing at Etika, said, “We are especially excited for this instalment of the Dew Challenge. It truly is representative of Mountain Dew’s commitment to our consumers who seek to live life authentically. With the pandemic chapter closed, we can now bring the virtual to reality in a one-of-a-kind experience for Malaysians who are ready to break out of the norm and try something new. We want people to push their boundaries and live their best, most vibrant lives.”

She added, “It’s the first time a brand has done something of this scale and it is only possible because we have such an amazing team and partners, especially PUBG, who share our vision and believe in this idea as much as we do. We would like to encourage everyone to join, gamer or not, and be a part of this historic journey with us.”

Manila, Philippines — Cebu Pacific Air, one of the Philippines’ leading airlines, operated a mobile game-themed flight to introduce Tencent Games’ PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) MOBILE’s newest IP, Phoenix Adarna. An airport and in-flight experience featuring Adarna-inspired costumes, trivia games, and merchandise giveaways made the flight the first of its kind in Southeast Asian aviation history.

PUBG MOBILE players will embark on a series of heroic missions inspired by the Philippine mythological bird Adarna, the fabled creature that heals all ailments. Players must complete missions within a time limit to unlock rewards or purchase in-game currency to become invincible like Adarna, and dress in eye-catching items such as Agent Phoenix Set backpacks, a frame, parachute and even acquire a buggy. Phoenix Adarna-themed items will be available for PUBG MOBILE for keen gamers only until June 30. The flight replicates the adventure a hero undergoes in search of this famed fowl.

Gaming video creators Rojean Delos Reyes and Dexie Diaz represented PUBG MOBILE and Cebu Pacific as official campaign ambassadors. Both known in their gaming circles as adventurous and passionate, the ladies embody the fiery spirit of the Phoenix Adarna.

Candice Iyog, CEB VP for marketing and customer experience, said, “We are excited to create this one-of-a-kind experience for our passengers, and the PUBG MOBILE gaming community. As a proudly Filipino carrier, we continue to look for fun ways to promote Philippine culture and tourism. We anticipated this to be the first of several collaborations with industry partners such as Tencent Games.”

Meanwhile, Benj Dalmacio, senior business development manager for PUBG MOBILE Philippines, echoes this excitement for this first-of-its-kind collaboration in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, “In PUBG MOBILE, we continue to make the game relevant to our target audience: young adults. The Ibong Adarna, our country’s very own phoenix, symbolizes hope and rebirth and holds a significant place in Philippine literature.”

Dalmacio adds, “We are proud for our platform to become a place of appreciation and learning of Filipino culture as well as helping in promoting the Philippine tourism industry. We are honoured to partner with the country’s leading airline as they recognize the growing gaming community and live up to their fun brand.”

PUBG MOBILE will blast a special seat sale exclusively communicated to the Filipino gaming community and raffle free domestic and international round-trip flights, courtesy of Cebu Pacific, in various community events throughout June.

Aside from Cebu, tourist destination favourite Boracay will be the venue of offline events, with the appearance of a pop-up gaming truck for a battle royale game with top PUBG MOBILE players and meet-and-greets. The island will also become the nesting place of Phoenix Adarna, with tourists spotting from afar tour boats, parasails, giant sandcastles, beach flags, kayaks, and gliders bearing the theme.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Smartphone brand vivo in Malaysia has recently announced a special partnership with premiere gaming brands Razer and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)  as they launch a brand-new smartphone series, vivo T1 series, with gaming at its heart.  

The tech company shared that the series model will be available in two colours, Turbo Black and Turbo Cyan. “Get. Set. Turbo!” is the official slogan accompanying the new T1 series, which conveys vivo Malaysia’s commitment to offering its gaming series to Malaysia soon. 

According to vivo, the partnership with Razer aims to deliver an ‘elevated gaming experience’  on a smartphone, while the tie-up with PUBG is slated to organise an upcoming campaign for Malaysians.