Sydney, Australia – Advertising agency The Works has recently revealed a set of principles around the integration of AI and human craftsmanship in their creative and strategic processes, aiming to combine the support of Generative AI with human ingenuity.

Labeled as ‘trust marks’, these principles are an industry first that aims to signify the extent of human and AI contributions in crafting ideas and strategies.

These trust marks are separated into two distinct categories. ‘Original Human Thinking’, which reflects creative concepts and strategies solely from human ingenuity, and ‘AI Supported Thinking’, which represents concepts and strategies shaped through a blend of human innovation and AI augmentation. 

The Works created these trust marks in order to foster the use of AI in industries and improve productivity with it, as well as mitigating the potential risks and  ensuring the ethical use of AI.    

Douglas Nicol, partner at The Works, said, “Alongside a set of principles for the use of AI in a creative agency, we wanted to not just disclose how we are using Generative AI to our clients but also to provoke a discussion on what is ethical and what can drive productivity and new ideas in a world imbued with AI.”

“Our recent client roundtable on this pivotal subject sparked spirited discussions and revealed a resounding consensus in favor of preserving the artisanal prowess of the creative industries. The ethical facet of the conversation further fueled our impetus to introduce the trust mark,” he added.