Singapore – Omnichannel communications platform MessageBird has announced its rebranding to Bird, as well as announcing a drop in its prices for the platform to become more accessible in terms of cost, yet still retain the same quality and even offers more services. 

In a blog post by Bird CEO Robert Vis, he announced the rebrand with more details on the platform’s change in pricing, citing that they will be staying away from offering high markups like their competitors, promising to deliver services to clients at the lowest possible cost.

To make this possible, Bird will be employing new messaging APIs that will allow it to charge SMS at a 90% discount with no markups and no hidden fees.

Additionally, Vis also introduced Bird CRM, Bird’s new customer relationship management platform that will mark a next chapter for Bird in marketing, sales, and payments. They will also be dropping costs for this service, stating that users will also be saving 40% on Email and 90% on SMS for Bird CRM as well. 

Talking about the rebrand and Bird CRM, Vis said, “All communications between businesses happens over channels – whether it be calling, texting, WhatsApp or iMessage – and all these interactions create a customer contact. From there, every business uses endless tooling to manage the customer relationship, whether it be to encourage them to buy more or simply to support them.”

“What if this could be all done from one tool? What if the channel didn’t matter when it came to selling or servicing your customers? What if payment data was fully integrated with your other customer data? And what if you could just log into one tool and it just works? Today marks Day 1, our first iteration of BirdCRM and while we still have lots to do – we hope you will enjoy some of the magic and help us realise our dream of making talking to a business as easy as talking to your friends,” he concluded.