California, USA – S4Capital’s operating brand Media.Monks, a digital-first, data-led advertising and marketing services company, has launched ‘Persona.Flow,’ a professional managed service that gives brand marketers the ability to talk to their data. According to the agency, said solution addresses a unique need within enterprise AI workflows by converting owned customer data into dynamic consumer personas. Said transformation then allows marketers to interact in real-time, significantly augmenting their speed to market.

The ‘Persona.Flow’ solution offers a user-friendly interface to help brands streamline strategy workflows, increase their precision, and democratise deep data insights. Its core technology is driven by a robust retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) framework that synergises brand-owned data and factual data from extensive consumer and market research libraries provided in partnership with data-driven marketing firm Claritas. 

Moreover, the solution negates the need for the weeks of planning and deliberation that are commonly associated with building consumer intelligence. The service amplifies speed to market by delivering detailed, granular insights in real-time and in natural language, making it easier than ever to respond to market trends as they emerge.

According to Media.Monks, owning a comprehensive dataset is crucial for brands to future-proof themselves and stay competitive in today’s data-intensive and AI-dominated creative landscape, and with ‘Persona.Flow’, it serves as a reliable, single source of truth for all of a brand’s marketing data, fostering the discovery of new creative concepts that may in turn generate further data based on their performance with real audiences.

“As a consultative AI partner, Media.Monks aids brands in leading the new economy and becoming AI-first through the deployment of customised solutions. Unhindered by traditional agency compartmentalisation, Media.Monks’ in-house team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, and creatives boast profound expertise in AI and machine learning technologies. Consistently at the forefront of integrating and applying these technologies, Media.Monks is pioneering a revolutionary commercial model for the marketing and advertising industry that addresses brands’ most urgent commercial requirements,” the agency stated.