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OPPO’s new campaign celebrates the Malaysian spirit one vivid portrait at a time

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – OPPO celebrates the Malaysian spirit and character this Merdeka and Malaysia Day through its colourful and interesting new brand campaign called ‘Our Traits in Portraits’. Through a montage of ‘portraits’, a different personality and character is spotlighted.

Done in collaboration with Ensemble Worldwide, the creative unit of Mediabrands Content Studio (MBCS), the campaign showcases valued traits of Malaysians such as resilience, devotion to tradition, and strength and determination to achieve significant aims in life. 

Each portrait is a vivid and gorgeous shot featuring a specific Malaysian in his/her walk of life, and through this ultra-clear detail, the campaign aims to shine a light on the best portrait features of OPPO’s Reno8 Series, and ultimately, cement its position as ‘The Portrait Expert’.

Norman Tang, creative director of Ensemble Worldwide, said, “Portraits are powerful mediums. A rich, vivid one captures the traits that clearly define who we are. This motivated us to look towards portraits as a way to showcase the traits that make us extraordinary as Malaysians. Particularly portraits shot by The Portrait Expert – the Reno8.”

Tang shared that in order for them to breathe life into Reno8’s Merdeka/Malaysia Day narrative of ‘Our Traits in Portraits’, the team searched for inspirational Malaysians and landed on a diverse set of personalities which included a K2 summiteer, a para sprinter, a national flood relief hero, and more. 

“All possess different traits that Malaysians are known for and are proud of. Resilience, generosity, strength, creativity… the list goes on. We definitely struck gold with these heroes,” he added. 

Alex Chen, marketing deputy director of Oppo Malaysia, commented, “The video showcases an amalgamation of distinctive characteristics that every Malaysian possesses, that resonates with OPPO’s brand proposition – “Inspiration Ahead”. Just like them, we are all about empowering people who are not afraid to take on challenges. Together, OPPO wants to be a part of every Malaysian’s daily [life], and hopes to inspire and encourage Malaysian users to embrace future challenges with optimism and dedication.”