Taipei, Taiwan – Local based video marketing technology company OneAd has partnered up with global visual marketing SaaS company Wootag to scale visual marketing in Taiwan by integrating Wootag’s visual interactivity solution into OneAd’s in-stream advertising platform SuperView.

Through the partnership, advertisers will be able to drive more interactive and in-visual engagement from understanding audience’s preference, developing actionable insights to increase the conversion rate through in-stream advertising.

By using Wootag’s technology, in-video interactions can be generated at various points of the video without leaving the video ad, including purchases, sign-ups, participation in polls, receive promotions, view product catalogues, make bookings, view store locations, among others.

Li Suzhen, CEO at OneAD, said, “Consumers’ reading habits have changed from articles to short posts, then to visuals and videos, and now short-form videos within 15 seconds are popular; this trend shows that brands need to have more sophisticated interactive participation capabilities. Only in this way can we bridge the gap between discovery and purchase to deliver a seamless and personalised experience that exceeds customer expectations.”

Suzhen added, “OneAD’s partnership with Wootag is an important step to unlock further potential of In-stream advertising, providing advertisers with a more complete high-engagement advertising solution.”

Meanwhile, Raj Sunder, CEO at Wootag, commented, “Wootag is committed to empower brands in utilising the power of human curiosity to integrate interactive elements, insight and understanding of audience behaviour into its videos. Working with a forward-thinking company like OneAd, brands can leverage our solution through OneAD’s platform to engage with customers, collecting valuable audience behaviour data from multiple perspectives to generate unique insights for the brand. We’re looking forward to boosting our growth in Taiwan with OneAd on in-stream advertising.”