Mumbai, India – Media network Omnicom Media Group (OMG) in India has announced the launch of its first-ever OMG Digital Bootcamp, a four-week, full-time intensive learning program designed to provide a launchpad to aspiring digital marketers looking to kick start their career in digital marketing.

The program aims to advance the homegrown potential in digital capabilities, empowering growth and development while attracting talent for the future. It is designed in conjunction with Results & Outcomes, an e-learning platform, conceptualized by domain experts, with rich experience across technology, media, content, and marketing, as well as communications, and monetization.

Kartik Sharma, Omnicom Media Group’s group CEO for India, shared progress and purpose are always at the heart of everything they do, and they believe that wherever learning thrives, so do people, and one of the ways they have decided to support this is by nurturing budding talent in-house.

“This bootcamp is one of the ways in which we have decided to support present and future talent, in-house, by enhancing their digital proficiency,” said Sharma.

Bharat Khatri, Omnicom Media Group’s chief digital officer for APAC, commented that OMG’s Digital Bootcamp aims to address the challenges we face on the tech front, like setup and execution.

“By curating a four-week learning program that has been customized to our requirements, we look forward to creating an agile workforce of digital ninjas. Selected entrants can expect a future-ready learning program that has been designed to fast-track their careers in digital marketing,” said Khatri.

Meanwhile, Anju Kurien, the talent director of Omnicom Media Group India, said, “It’s an exciting time for us as we work towards enhancing our learning curve and empowering our employees, both present and future, by strengthening their digital proficiency.” 

Anand Chakravarthy, Results & Outcomes’ co-founder, commented that they are pleased to collaborate with OMG India to curate and deliver an application-oriented and hands-on, progressive digital learning program delivered by domain experts – experienced professionals who themselves have run digital campaigns for years.

The OMG Digital Bootcamp will kick start in the second week of October and is accepting applications from fresh graduates with a bachelor’s degree in any engineering field, BCA, or from the Statistics, Economics, Business Administration, and Advertising streams. Aspirants can visit its dedicated post on LinkedIn for ‘OMG Digital Bootcamp Trainee’ for details.