Seoul, South Korea – LG electronic’s premium brand LG SIGNATURE has partnered with international style icon Olivia Palermo for a new digital campaign which will showcase the brand’s sophisticated products in line with its philosophy, “Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art.” 

Through its collaboration with Palermo, the brand will actively engage with millennial consumers worldwide, sharing its message of sophisticated luxury. 

The company said that as millennials are rapidly emerging as the world’s largest and most influential group of consumers, Palermo’s participation in the campaign will highlight the brand’s value and authenticity to such demographic.

Palermo is known as a socialite and fashion figure in America who started out in a reality TV show on MTV back in 2008. Currently, she’s the founder and chief creative officer of editorial and clothing brand Olivia Palermo Group, Inc.

LG SIGNATURE thinks that Palermo is a living embodiment of the brand. 

It says in a press statement, “Just as LG SIGNATURE does with its innovative and artistically inspired appliances, the international style authority and entrepreneur strives for perfection in everything she does, whether it’s styling an outfit for a fashion event or creating a new collection of clothing.”

In particular, the digital campaign will have Palermo sharing how her philosophies of luxurious lifestyle, personal mission, and achievements coincide perfectly with LG SIGNATURE. 

Palermo commented, “I am thrilled with the honor of working with LG SIGNATURE. A premium lifestyle is one where you can always feel like the best version of yourself. It’s a feeling of luxuriousness found in the appreciation of simplicity and efficiency, that technology makes a possibility, and LG SIGNATURE seamlessly enables all of that without having to sacrifice beauty.”

Kim Jin-hong, head of LG’s global marketing center said, “Working with such an influential fashion-world icon once again highlights how we are bringing art and technology together. We are delighted to be partnering with Olivia Palermo, as she represents exactly what LG SIGNATURE stands for. Her elegant style and drive to bring perfection to everything she does make her a wonderful ambassador for the brand.”

LG SIGNATURE claims to be the first ultra-premium brand across multiple product categories. It currently offers a growing lineup of state-of-the-art OLED TV, smart refrigerators, and washing machines among others.