Singapore – Skincare brand Olay has partnered with Publicis Groupe One Singapore for the launch of its newest campaign that targets the gender disparity in India’s STEM field. 

The campaign is part of the latest instalment of its #STEMTheGap initiative and aims to shed light on the glaring absence of female mentors and role models in India’s STEM workforce.

As part of the campaign, Olay India collaborated with filmmaker Anand Gandhi to launch a digital film that delves into India’s rich history of remarkable women in STEM. The digital film will pay homage to and showcase the inspiring stories of luminaries like Dr. Anandibai Joshi, Kamala Sohonie, Dr. Janaki Ammal, and Kalpana Chawla, among others.

The film will highlight the urgent need for more female role models in STEM today and will also shed light on the societal biases deterring young girls from pursuing STEM careers by emphasising the crucial role of female mentors in the field.

Aside from the digital film, Olay also launched the beta version of a web-based virtual chat mentor that will offer guidance and information to aspiring young girls seeking to enter the world of STEM.

The virtual chat mentor, a supplement to Olay’s mentorship programme,will provide the user with knowledge, resources, and encouragement on their journeys. It was created with the help of successful women in different STEM fields in India, such as Shannon Olsson, founder and global director at Echo Network; Swarna Manjari, communication designer; Dr. Vandana Prasad, community paediatrician and public health professional; and Tarunima Prabhakar, tech and policy research at Tattle Civic Tech and Carnegie India, to name a few.

Olay’s campaign is crafted based on the results of their commissioned survey, which found a huge gap between female STEM graduates and those who actually made it into the workforce in India. A staggering number of its respondents also mentioned the need for female role models in STEM as a way to influence them to pursue their careers.

To encourage future women in STEM, Olay also continues to partner with LEAD, a school EdTech provider in India, to sponsor STEM scholarships for 250+ underprivileged girls. These scholarships aim to empower girls across India by providing them with financial support for STEM education and career development.

Priyali Kamath, senior vice president of skin and personal care at Procter & Gamble (P&G) Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, explained, “For decades, Procter & Gamble’s legacy skincare brand Olay has maintained a deep understanding of women’s changing needs through science. At Olay, we understand the critical importance of female role models in the STEM field, and our commitment to bridging the gender gap is unparalleled. This year’s theme, centred on the significance of role models and the introduction of mentorship initiatives, highlights our commitment to ensuring every young girl knows that she can be the next leader in her field.”

She added, “Through initiatives like #STEMTheGap and our commitment to gender equality, we are working hard to double the number of women in STEM by 2030 and create a more inclusive and equitable future. We’re proud to recognise and support the next generation of women in STEM who will one day be making history in their respective fields and become role models for young girls in the future.”

Ajay Vikram, chief creative officer for Southeast Asia at Publicis Groupe, also commented, “There are many accomplished women leaders in STEM in India today. Yet, a ‘lack of mentors’ is often cited as a big reason why so few women make a career in STEM. This got us thinking. How do we not just celebrate the achievements of women in STEM but actually be useful—to be there at the very moment when needed, a friend and guide to any girl or woman looking for answers as they stand at the crossroads of choosing their path forward. Technology came in handy as a way to help, but  we can’t wait to see how much more Ai-shu can do to help women find their way to a future of their choosing.”

Hong Kong – Beauty standards have long been the subject of various strict opinions about what constitutes being ‘beautiful’. In the case of women across China, data from Sina China shows that six out of ten females in China say they lack confidence in their appearance and feel anxious about how others may perceive them if they don’t fit into what is considered to be normal.

Foraying into this societal dilemma of setting up beauty standards, the China arm of global beauty brand Olay recently launched a new campaign, titled ‘No Fear of Judgement, My Own Beauty’ which centers around the brand’s vision to empower women to express beauty in their own way by stating that beauty has many faces and should not be defined by social standards

Said campaign is leveraged by La Mu Yang Zi, a Chinese actress who is not usually seen as conforming to the traditional definition of beauty. In the film, she questions: “If I want to see it for myself-which face would I choose?” After contemplating the changes, she then tells her personal story of how she deals with social judgement and chooses her own appearance – a message the brand believes will resonate with women in China.

The campaign was conceptualized by the team at Grey Hong Kong, and is the first part of a series under Olay China’s newly launched brand idea ‘Pursuit of Fearless’.

“This is a time we think it is necessary to walk further with Chinese women on the journey to becoming fearless,” said Hyoeun Kim, vice president of P&G Greater China, Skin Care – Olay.

Meanwhile, Duffy Lau, general manager at Grey Hong Kong, commented that they will continue to tell heartfelt stories to consumers and make Olay a meaningful brand.

Apart from the film, which is released on several online platforms including Dou Yin, Weibo & WeChat, Olay has also teamed up with the Xiao Kou Stand-up comedy show inviting Yang Li, a famous female comedian, to talk candidly about facial anxiety. More celebrities and actresses, key opinion leaders (KOLs), writers and bloggers, were also featured in this movement.

“It was rewarding working with the brand team to create a campaign that will help women to gain confidence in how they perceive their own standard of beauty,” added Joe Yue, creative partner at Grey Hong Kong.

Singapore – P&G-owned skincare brand Olay has launched a brand new campaign – Adult Fearlessly – and it has partnered with Shopee to exclusively run it on its platform ahead of Olay’s special sale event Brand Day. The event will be held on October 14 to 16.

The campaign seeks to reach and engage with millennial women around Southeast Asia to bring a message of empowerment that they can #adultfearlessly, and overcome the perceived challenges of “adulting,” such as that with investing in their skincare needs.

Together with Shopee, Olay has conceptualized and co-created content such as a video called “Fearless with your choices,” which aims to shift the mindsets of millennials as they confront their fears of turning 30. It is also said to highlight the positive aspects of the journey leading up to such age.

The campaign will be rolled out in phases across six markets including Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Lucy Moran, Senior eCommerce Director of Olay for APAC shared that the brand wants to focus on how consumers are integrating their lifestyle with their skin needs.

“As one of the top facial skincare brands in the world, we are continually innovating and advancing the way we connect with our consumers. With e-commerce driving a major shift from offline to online sales, there is potential to achieve further growth in this segment,” said Moran.

“Riding on this momentum to broaden our reach in Southeast Asia, we are partnering with Shopee once again to bring more engaging and convenient experiences online, where consumers are able to access Olay products– all at the click of a button,” she added.

Meanwhile, Shopee’s Regional Managing Director Ian Ho said that the Health & Beauty category is one of the top-performing on the platform as the new normal has driven even more consumers to browse and buy skin care products online.

“We are proud to be able to support Olay in their e-commerce growth through this campaign. Our shared consumer insights and widening base of millennial users have enabled a hyperlocal strategy for Olay to deliver the best online shopping experience. We are confident in supporting Olay to achieve another successful campaign with us,” said Ho.

This will be the second collaboration between the two brands. In April, Olay’s regional campaign for its Retinol 24 product line was also run by the partnership with Shopee.