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NICE launches cloud native CXone in Singapore

Singapore – Customer experience platform NICE has announced the launch of its cloud native platform CXone in Singapore, allowing businesses in the Asia Pacific area to minimise friction and provide personalised, connected, digital-first customer support. Said platform is backed by a specialised local infrastructure team that helps businesses of all sizes and verticals speed their digital and cloud transition. 

NICE’s cloud native CXone platform helps enterprises of all sizes modernise, remain agile, and resilient in today’s increasingly digital landscape. CXone is a platform that combines omni channel routing, analytics, workforce optimization, automation, and artificial intelligence on an open cloud basis.

Furthermore, a new framework given through a unified suite of applications on the CXone platform, CXi (Customer Experience Interactions) will be available in Singapore. Assisting customers with AI and data-driven self-service, CXi equips enterprises to intelligently meet their customers wherever their journey begins. Incorporated purpose-built CX AI and a native open cloud architecture, it allows seamless end-to-end service experience.

Paul Jarman, chief executive officer at NICE CXone, said, “Every interaction consumers have with a brand elicits some sort of emotion, and that  emotion will determine brand loyalty. A mandate for every organisation must be to deliver exceptional customer experiences  by re-imagining their entire business through the lens of experience. We’re pleased to empower companies in Singapore to  deliver the connected, seamless and hyper-personalised consumer experiences that are so vital to increasing customer loyalty  and engagement with CXone.”