Australia – AirCheck, one of Australia’s leading broadcast monitoring, has announced that it will start including the advertising revenue dimension in its monitoring efforts. 

AirCheck provides real-time intelligence reports across radio, television, and digital, and for the new report strand, AirCheck has partnered with independent agency My Radio Rates, a large source of radio rates, that has been in the business of real-time radio buying for 20 years. 

Each advertisement will be assigned a dollar value reflecting current market rates. With new access to the said report, consumers of AirCheck’s analytics will be able to create custom reports by Market, Station, Daypart, Brand, Advertiser and, or Category with a dollar value attached to each. 

A report into media share will also allow for more detailed competitive analysis of shares by revenue. Just like all data in AirCheck, the Ad Revenue reports will be available in almost real-time across 63 commercial stations monitored in the major cities in Australia.

“This is a milestone for AirCheck. The biggest addition to our monitoring service since AirCheck began in 2004,” said Keith Williams, the vice president of RCS, a broadcast and webcast software provider, to which AirCheck is a subsidiary. 

“It adds another dimension to our market intelligence reports and makes our competitive analysis compelling. Ad Revenue reports are available for radio stations in the top 11 markets in Australia and are always live,” Williams added.