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Lazada unveils logistics arm rebranding, introduces new multi-channel logistics services

Singapore – Southeast Asia’s e-commerce platform, Lazada, has announced the rebranding of its logistics arm – Lazada eLogistics (LEL), which manages the fulfillment and logistics with third-party logistics providers, and Lazada Express (LEX), which handles the parcel delivery to customers – to now be consolidated as Lazada Logistics.

The new Lazada Logistics aims to reflect ‘efficiency’ and ‘reliability’ as Lazada offers the region’s brands and sellers a trusted, one-stop logistics solution for all their business needs.

Along with the rebranding, Lazada Logistics has also announced the launch of its multi-channel logistics (MCL) services, which provide a single stock fulfillment solution to help e-commerce enablers and brands fulfill across all e-commerce channels seamlessly, whether the consumer orders on Lazada or other e-commerce channels, Lazada Logistics will fulfill and deliver all of the orders. 

Under this arrangement, Lazada will be storing merchants’ and partners’ e-commerce products, enabling the efficient handling and dispatch of orders via Lazada’s own fleet, 3PL partners, or channel-nominated fleet.

Through MCL, brands and sellers will also have greater agility and flexibility on inventory control and relieve them of logistics concerns that include high capital and operational expense associated with order fulfillment, which is the need to maintain warehouse infrastructure and delivery fleets. They are also spared the challenges of having to build an extensive network of operations without economies of scale. 

Lazada said that the availability of MCL is a showcase of the platform’s advanced supply chain infrastructure and logistics capabilities, which offers smart inventory and routing solutions powered by data and technology. All brands and sellers will be able to leverage Lazada Logistics’ network of over 400 facilities comprising warehouses, sortation centers, and hubs. They can also benefit from access to the region’s largest fleet owned by an e-commerce marketplace, and Lazada’s competitive advantage of having control over its end-to-end logistics operations.

Chun Li, Lazada Group’s chief executive officer, shared that over the past decade, Lazada’s proprietary logistic network has reshaped the e-commerce landscape in one of the world’s most populous and geographically diverse regions. 

“The logistics capabilities have enabled us to provide best-in-class delivery service to our consumers across the region, as well as hassle-free and end-to-end services to our sellers and partners. This re-branding reflects the significant progress we have made over the years, powered by our people and technology,” said Li.

Meanwhile, Andy Huang, the chief logistics officer of Lazada Group, said that the consumers have grown accustomed to the convenience of a new shopping norm, and of having their purchases delivered to their doorstep – intact and on time, and it is more important than ever that they continue to innovate and introduce new solutions that will help their merchants and e-commerce partners meet the growing demands and expectations of their customers. 

“The rebranding and roll-out of this new offering is a testament to what we have built and a commitment to provide a better customer experience. It also reinforces our mission of powering a healthy and sustainable eCommerce ecosystem for the long term by pairing our logistics excellence with state-of-the-art technologies to achieve cost efficiencies,” said Huang.

Lazada has also announced that its logistics will be improving its end-to-end services, and it will look to roll out more new features that can include incentives for sellers to fulfill orders faster and enhanced same-day order pickup from sellers.

Just recently, Lazada has also announced a new stride for its virtual mall, LazMall. It has named top K-drama leading man, Hyun Bin, as LazMall’s very first regional ambassador.