Singapore – M1, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Singapore, has launched a new campaign to promote its new mobile plans through a series of human-centric stories, following the company’s recent rebranding. 

Titled ‘Be’, the campaign focuses on seven unique stories that surround the theme of being ‘who you are’. Some of the featured stories include an 84-year old rock guitar player, Mary Ho; the country’s own blade runner Shariff Abdullah; and Jian Yang, who owns the second largest doll collection in the world.

The featured mobile plans, known collectively as Bespoke Mobile plans aim to meet customers’ desire for greater personalization. Whether looking for a mobile device or a suitable plan, these three made-to-measure offerings – Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke SIM-only, and Bespoke Contract – can be customized to fit individual needs.

Bespoke Flexi provides customers with greater flexibility in every respect, as they can dictate their upfront device payment and choose to settle their balance between 12 and 36 months.

Meanwhile, M1’s Bespoke SIM-only mobile plan offers customers an adaptable, contract-free experience. With the ability to change plans from month-to-month, users can take full advantage of M1’s latest products. In addition customers using the M1+ app now have a convenient slider to balance their data, talk time, and price on the fly.

Finally, Bespoke Contract’s updated data bundles provide customers with even more value as the new base plan includes 20GB. Alongside three fresh add-ons, customers can build a plan suited to their budget and needs.

“Featuring a selection of made-to-measure Bespoke plans, these directly address customer demand for personalization and flexibility. With this fresh, customer-first approach, M1 stands true to its name of being Singapore’s first digital network operator,” the company said in a press statement.