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This hard-to-say hair brand breaks down pronunciation via ASMR of salon sounds

Mumbai, India – You are not alone; if you’ve come across hair grooming brand Schwarzkopf Professional at any point in your life and had quite the challenge mumbling it to yourself, you are part of the larger population that faces this dilemma.

The Indian market of the global hair beauty name took a spin at this problem and made it the focus of its latest campaign. In collaboration with independent digital media network, Zoo Media, Schwarzkopf Professional had Mira Kapoor, its first Indian hair muse, explore AMSR with the question, “How do you say it?”

Kapoor walks into a salon in real runway style and summons everybody to let her hear the right pronunciation – using the common sounds heard in a salon. 

The campaign, which is dubbed ‘Hair is Limitless’, is truly a digital-first initiative whereas a dedicated Instagram filter has also been created for further engagement. The initial phase saw the market’s influencers Dolly Singh, Soha Ali Khan, Riddhima Kapoor, Rohit Saraf, and Diipa Khosla take on the challenge on Instagram to pronounce hair-related words correctly, and ultimately, Schwarzkopf Professional’s name. 

Shama Dalal, head of marketing at Henkel Consumer Brands, the brand’s parent company in India, said that the latest campaign aims to assert the brand’s legacy and prowess with respect to the art of hairdressing in a trendsetting digital-first articulation. 

“We intend to bring the brand story alive through sensorial stimulation, leveraging sound as a medium, to stay connected with our audiences in a relevant & meaningful manner,” said Dalal. “We have integrated creativity, technology, strategy, influencers and media to deliver a powerful yet relatable message. The campaign looks promising and we are keen to build a strong & memorable connect with our consumers leveraging the power of sound marketing.” 

On Mira, she said, “Mira is a key voice in beauty and fashion among urban audiences and netizens; she perfectly resonates with Schwarzkopf Professional’s values of authenticity, confidence and empowerment.” 

Commenting on the campaign as well is Prachi Bali, national head partnerships at Zoo Media’s FoxyMoron. She revealed that the campaign was a product of months of labour and collaboration which involved lots of ‘bold’ pitches. 

“If people can’t say the word, they won’t spread the word. Familiarity with the name of the brand at a salon makes it easier for consumers to relate to it. Tasked with that impactful insight, we at FoxyMoron had to work together with our best-in-class teams across the Zoo Media network to create this eloquent campaign,” she said. 

“With the beauty category being FoxyMoron’s forte, we knew that we would have to be innovative with our approach and reach the consumers through multiple touch points to solve. And what better way to create recall than to break down phonetics using sounds from a salon,” added Bali. 

The integrated campaign was developed by Zoo Media’s agencies with FoxyMoron leading the campaign’s creative strategy and account management.