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Ex-Havas Tim Rasbash, Adhesive PR’s Mike Maurice launch new influencer agency Yellow

Sydney, Australia – Former Havas Co-maker’s founder, Tim Rasbash, and Adhesive PR’s founder and managing director, Mike Maurice, have joined forces to launch a new ambassador, advocacy, and influencer agency, Yellow.

Rasbash, who is responsible for co-founding One Green Bean and Havas’ social influencer division, met Maurice while working on mutual client Dyson ANZ. Years later after identifying a gap in the market, the duo set out to redefine the often grey area of influencer and ambassador marketing with their latest agency offering. 

The new influencer agency, which was launched with foundation clients Sony Electronics and employment marketplace SEEK, aims to combat inauthenticity in the social influencer and ambassador space. It was created with the objective to combat the increased lack of trust within the social influencer industry. Moreover, Yellow will be setting out to facilitate deep, multifaceted relationships between brands and talent, creating partnerships that seek out genuine brand fans.

Rasbash noted that their agency sets out to offer bespoke solutions to brands that help them harness the full potential of social influencers, creators, and talent by ensuring they are the real deal. 

“We called ourselves Yellow as it is the color of friendship. This is exactly what we’re driven to create between brands and their partners. We want them to step away from the one-off highly scripted and transactional-based agreements, into richer, more mutually beneficial relationships,” said Rasbash.

Meanwhile, Maurice commented, “We’re witnessing a steady rise in the social commerce space, and by designing an agency that is anchored in authenticity and true relationships we’re setting a new benchmark for what client success can look like in this area.”

Yellow announced that it will operate independently from Adhesive, while working collaboratively across a number of shared clients.