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Audi Australia’s new ad takes viewers on a cinematic journey with Woody Gooch

Sydney, Australia – The Australian arm of automotive brand Audi has released a new campaign promoting the all-electric Audi e-tron Sportback aimed at pushing the boundaries of local and sustainable travel.

Titled ‘Electric Eye’, the campaign is a film reel of six minutes and narrates the travel journals of Australian photographer Woody Gooch. The travel, composed of a 3,500 km, 10-day road-trip, starts from Rainbow Beach in subtropical Queensland, the journeyman and photographer drove across the New South Wales border through the laid-back town of Byron Bay, down to the Snowy Mountains region, and finally back up to Sydney via the South Coast of New South Wales.

For Gooch, it was the perfect way to reconnect with his native Australia after years spent in other parts of the world. Aligning with his own ‘tread-lightly ethos’, the road-trip gave the Sunshine Coast-based photographer the opportunity to rediscover the riches of the country, while catching up with old friends and making new ones along the way.

“Returning to Australia and exploring this place has opened up my imagination. There are so many things I had forgotten about this place – its sights, sounds, smells. This trip has literally reactivated my senses,” Gooch stated.

The campaign also saw people who Gooch had worked throughout the journey, including free surfer Josie Prendergrast, chefs David Moyle and Mark Labrooy, free diver Madison “Shark Girl” Stewart and marine biologist Lucas Handley, as well as riding horses with farmer Nick Kirschner.

‘Electric Eye’ is produced by creative studio Convicts, and is done in partnership with creative agency We Are Social, as well as with post-production studio Heckler.

“A short film like this serves two purposes for our brand. It perfectly aligns with the interests of our audience by focusing on relevant topics such as creativity, sustainability, and travel; whilst simultaneously working to showcase the charging infrastructure currently available around the country,” said Nikki Warburton, chief customer and marketing officer at Audi Australia.

Released coincidentally during the observance of Earth Day, Audi Australia’s campaign demonstrates that the Audi e-tron Sportback is ready to take on longer journeys this year, despite being an electric car.

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MY media ministry welcomes Base Media’s Hollywood VFX work

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM) and National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) has announced that it welcomes the new Hollywood visual effects (VFX) work for local media production Base Media.

The new work, under the premise of 30% incentive under the Film In Malaysia Incentive (FIMI), includes the new “Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker (Episode IX)”. Under the basis of FIMI, outsourcing media production to the Malaysian-based media production group will be of competitive rates against other media productions in the SEA region. Some of the works that they have worked on include Star Wars, Netflix’s 6 Underground, and The Mandalorian.

In turn, FINAS invites international applicants to outsource their VFX production in the country.

“I would like to take this opportunity to invite international applicants to explore Malaysia-based companies for post-production activities and also to utilize our beautiful, multi-diverse country as a location for filming. The FIMI incentive has brought several blockbuster movies to light in Malaysia. With the tremendous recognition Malaysia has received as a preferred hub for visual effects and post-production activities, FINAS will continue in its efforts to develop the film and creative industry in Malaysia and to also develop local talents to highlight Malaysia as the preferred destination for international productions,” said Ahmad Idham bin Ahmad Nadzri, chief executive officer of FINAS.

Meanwhile, Chris Bremble, founder and chief executive officer of Base Media, added, “We had a positive first year at the studio with several big productions and new staff on board. We have significant opportunities ahead of us in Malaysia. We remain focused on local talent and management. We shifted our strategy a bit with the pandemic, and while unfortunate, we are confident we will quickly get back to growth. The Malaysian government support has been a big factor in getting through the last few months and in planning, and we remain confident of our leadership position in the market.”

For Aaron Cowan, executive producer of Base Digital Production, the recent media incentive responds to the country’s growing number of visual effect artists, and believes that the country can move forward in snitching more Hollywood-related VFX works.

En. Shakib Ahmad Shakir, deputy secretary-general of KKMM also noted that aside from the positive economic impact of the initiative, the continuous work is also aimed at developing skills of the local VFX editing scene.

“With the incredible commitments of over a hundred talented digital artists under Base Digital Production for the visual effects of The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Episode IX), Malaysia is shaping the future digital industry with esteemed talents. With Sunac’s investments in Base Digital Production, and with the constant support from the Ministry and FINAS, we are confident that Malaysia will soon be the regional leader as a hub for visual effects in Southeast Asia,” Shakir concluded.