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Publisher Matichon Group partners with ad platform Dable

Bangkok, Thailand – Media company Matichon Group in Thailand has partnered with content discovery and native advertising platform, Dable, to drive monetization across its news sites in the country.

Matichon Group is one of the leading publishers in Thailand, with newspaper brands Khaosod Daily, Matichon Daily, Prachachart Business, and Matichon Weekly, as well as Sentangsedtee. 

The partnership will see Dable generating additional revenue for Matchicon Group while maintaining the user’s experience by displaying ads that blend in with the organic content of the website. Through this, the media company will be able to demonstrate high performance by exposing ads that are based on the visitor’s interests.

Chaehyun Lee, Dable’s CEO, shared that by partnering with the Matichon group, Dable is able to expand its premium network, as well as reflect its advancement in both Thailand and the global markets.

“I am confident that this partnership will bring good results. With Dable’s personalized recommendation technology creating a valuable experience, readers seek to consume quality content on Matichon group’s subsidiary sites, increasing page views and dwell time on each site,” said Lee.

Aree Lekhanon, the acting director of Matichon Group, said, “We look forward to providing personalized content that engages our readers and caters to their needs through Dable’s solution. We also hope to expand Matichon’s influence in the media market through various insights and data provided by Dable.”