Singapore – The global pandemic has challenged brands to rethink their existing digital marketing strategies due to the sudden shift in consumer behavior which has made online preferable to all other consumer channels.

With this in mind, customer engagement platform Braze and MARKETECH APAC, the dedicated news platform for the marketing and advertising industry in Asia-Pacific, have teamed up to launch the marketing guide, ‘Guide to Elevate Your Customer Engagement Strategies’, to offer brands a wide array of customer engagement strategies to elevate their campaigns no matter which part of the marketing funnel they’re looking to amplify – whether that’s to activate, monetize, or retain consumers. 

‘Guide to Elevate Your Customer Engagement Strategies’ features more than 40 customizable campaigns that have also been leveraged by the world’s savviest brands; this means along with fresh ideas to personalize, brands are provided with a broader perspective on a specific campaign with good examples of how other brands have applied it on their own. 

The guide is grounded in today’s fast-moving consumer landscape, providing each suggested campaign strategy with an estimated difficulty level, as well as the engagement channels that the campaign is best applied on, including email, in-app notifications, and social media advertisements, in order to capture consumers’ attention and retain them in the long run.

Strategies within the guide are divided into three main categories – for activation, monetization, and retention. The pandemic changed the game for each step of the consumer engagement cycle, and what it takes to activate, monetize, and retain consumers may be different than what brands were used to pre-pandemic.

In terms of activation, while free trials remain an effective way of drawing in customers, the guide provides new strategies that encourage experimenting with the channels, content, and timing of the messaging to more effectively underscore the brand’s offering. 

When it comes to monetization, meanwhile, the guide assists brands in taking advantage of cohesive and cross-channel campaigns to deliver promotional messages that effectively convert consumers.

And lastly, with retention, marketers can find informative and actionable insights in the guide that show how to leverage cross-channel messaging to highlight their brand’s value in providing existing and new products and services.

Bill Magnuson, Braze’s founder, said, “The secret weapon that differentiates exceptional, enduring companies is the quality of their customer engagement, encompassing the full set of activities through which companies build direct relationships with their customers.”

Taken together, these use cases make it possible for brands to determine the right mix of campaigns for their specific needs and business goals, and then to implement them effectively to make the most of their customer engagement efforts. By taking a methodical approach, marketers can ensure they’re not missing out on campaigns that could drive stronger customer loyalty or additional revenue.

Shaina Teope, the regional editor of MARKETECH APAC, commented, “No matter how seasoned marketers have become in a specific part of the consumer lifecycle, the changes brought by these strange times put us to square one, placing upon brands the need to revisit and reassess their consumer engagement. This comprehensive and no-frills guide will resonate well with marketing teams of all sizes.”

To access the guide, you may download ‘Guide to Elevate Your Customer Engagement Strategies’ here.