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Cannabis Clinic appoints Mango Aotearoa, Tribal Aotearoa to raise brand awareness

Auckland, New Zealand – Cannabis Clinic, an institution that provides legal medical cannabis, has appointed DDB Group’s Mango Aotearoa and Tribal Aotearoa to raise awareness of the brand and the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

As the company’s agency partners, Tribal and Mango will work together to raise awareness of medicinal cannabis and its use as an effective and legal, as prescribed by a doctor, treatment for a raft of health issues including pain, sleep issues and anxiety. 

Meanwhile, while Mango will provide media relations for the company, Tribal will focus on delivering creative digital solutions that bring the Cannabis Clinic story to life. 

According to Dr. Waseem Alazher of the Cannabis Clinic, the partnership with Mango and Tribal will help them to educate Kiwis about medicinal cannabis which has an integral role to play in modern medicine.

“We know there is a lot of misinformation out there, and we were looking for an agency partner who had the expertise we needed to educate Kiwis. It’s great to have found that under one roof – we’re thrilled to be working with both Mango and Tribal as one integrated agency to help us share these stories and hopefully change the perception and narrative around medicinal cannabis in New Zealand. If we are able to help even more Kiwis who have not had success with conventional treatments, then we’ll consider this a huge success,” Alazher said. 

James Blair, managing director at Tribal Aotearoa, said, “We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality, thought-provoking digital experiences that really move people to action and we’re looking forward to delivering results for Cannabis Clinic.” 

He added, “Cannabis Clinic is a great solution for Kiwis who have been living with chronic pain, sleep loss and a host of other issues. We’re really excited to be working with them and our friends at Mango to tell the story of this unique brand that is looking to help so many through the power of medicinal cannabis.”

Meanwhile, Sean Brown, managing director at Mango, commented, “We are so excited to take on a new challenge with such a unique client, and to help New Zealanders live a better life with the use of medicinal cannabis.”

He added “The appointment is fantastic for the team; it’s a fascinating topic and we’ve learned so much already. We have quickly hit the ground running and are looking forward to working alongside Tribal to deliver some amazing results for Cannabis Clinic.”

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Volkswagen NZ appoints Mango Communications Aotearoa as PR agency

Auckland, New Zealand – Automotive brand Volkswagen in New Zealand has appointed Mango Communications Aotearoa as its public relations agency. 

Through the appointment, Mango will provide media relations, experiential and ambassador management to Volkswagen NZ, in addition to expertise across the full gamut of marcomms.

Mango Aotearoa Managing Director Sean Brown, says that Volkswagen New Zealand is an exciting addition to Mango’s ever expanding client list and the team is looking forward to going full throttle with an iconic brand.

“We are so excited to be offering an integrated marketing solution for Volkswagen New Zealand, helping to drive more success in Aotearoa by sharing the stories and incredible next generation technology behind Volkswagen. It’s a privilege to be able to work with such an iconic brand and the fantastic people who make up the team, Brown said.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen New Zealand General Manager of Passenger Vehicles Greg Leet, commented that Mango Aotearoa has the ability to deliver the integrated offering they have been looking for, working closely with sister agency DDB. 

“We were so impressed with Mango’s combination of strategic thinking, creativity and quality execution. Already the team has been impressive to deal with and we are really looking forward for what’s to come,” Leet said.

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Mango Aotearoa announces new changes to agency senior structure

Auckland, New Zealand – Public relations agency Mango Aotearoa has announced changes in their senior structure, namely Sean Brown stepping up as managing director, while group business directors Brianna Elder and Chloe Leuschke are being promoted to managing partners.

Claudia Macdonald, who established Mango over 20 years ago will be moving to a newly created role of executive director. This will see her working across Mango’s corporate clients and people processes as well as with the DDB Group, particularly on its diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Brown, who has been with the agency for the past 10 years – six of those as general manager – says he is proud to be leading the best PR, experiential and social agency in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, Elder and Leuschke will work with Brown to run the business, with Elder continuing to lead the agency’s experiential offering.

Speaking about his appointment, Brown said, “Mango is an incredible agency with the best talent and an enviable client list. Since joining, I’ve been privileged to work closely with Claudia who has been instrumental to Mango’s success and reputation as the leading PR firm in the country. The great thing about her new role is that we will still get the benefit of her skills and expertise.”

Meanwhile, Macdonald commented that it is an exciting time for them and the agency and that she is thrilled for Brown to lead the business alongside Elder and Leuschke.

“Sean has helped to deliver phenomenal growth for Mango; he’s a beloved member of the team and is absolutely ready to be Managing Director. It has been such a natural and seamless succession and I can think of no one better placed to build on Mango’s success and, with the support of Brie, Chloe and myself, take the agency to new heights,” she concluded.

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Mango Aotearoa appoints three new agency members

Auckland, New Zealand – Public relations firm Mango Aotearoa has appointed three new agency members, namely Jullian Liang, who joins the digital and social team as an account manager, and Seren Cameron and Krystal Warren as account coordinators.

Skilled in multimedia design art direction and digital marketing, Liang was previously an event production coordinator and digital content developer at Auckland Unlimited. Meanwhile, Cameron and Warren are recent communications graduates.

Liang comes from Jakarta, Indonesia where he spent more than 10 years working across PR and event management for premium global brands, including H&M, Chanel and Coach.

For Claudia Macdonald, managing director at Mango Aotearoa, the agency is always looking to extend its digital and social capabilities.

“[Liang] brings an impressive mixture of digital expertise which will help us continue to deliver exceptional work for clients. He has already made a significant impact in his short time here demonstrating an ability to wear multiple hats, from photographer and video editor to social media expert and graphic designer. We’re thrilled to have him on board helping grow our integrated communications abilities,” Macdonald said.

She added, “Mango prides itself on supporting and nurturing fresh talent, particularly graduates and those new to the industry. We’re looking forward to helping Seren and Krystal kickstart their career.”