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Western Power juxtaposes small acts with gigantic efforts in new ad for electrical safety

Perth, Australia – Western Power, Western Australia’s electricity network operator, has cooked up a new campaign to further promote its safety hotline for electrical hazards. In partnership with creative agency Wunderman Thompson, the company puts forth advertorial shorts with an understated but no less engaging narrative. 

Anyone can always call an expert to make sure electricity lines and cables within one’s vicinity are in tip-top shape but that doesn’t mean civilians aren’t able to do their part via small acts. This is the message in Western Power’s campaign where every vigilant and pre-cautionary measure is a valuable one. 

Then it makes the assertion—it still won’t hurt to pick up the phone and give the network operator a call for any imminent danger. 

The agency’s Creative Lead Tim Newton said it took a very talented group of people to bring the brief from strategy through to final production.

The main ad subtly moves from one juxtaposition to another. One frame shows contractors laying cables on the ground, but a woman – ‘Sue’ – doesn’t need to be doing the same thing, rather, can help by simply staying away from the lines overhead. 

Meanwhile, ‘Mario’ doesn’t have to be up in a helicopter to wash power lines; he only needs to get branches off them. 

“The result is an unexpectedly fun take on an important safety message that honours the success of our previous Make the Safe Call campaign. It was a pleasure to work alongside Western Power and our production partners to bring it to life,” said Newton. 

Western Power has been previously promoting its emergency line service through the ‘Make the Safe’ Call campaign. Past ads, similarly done by Wunderman Thompson, inject the same jovial but subtle kick on magnifying simple, everyday acts and making the message that one person can always add to both the safety and hazard of power lines. 

The first portion of the integrated campaign launches on TV, OLV, Digital, and OOH. The agency shared that further content based on the three eager characters – Sue, Mario, and Karim – will be unveiled throughout the year.