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M1 launches cloud gaming service Zolaz

Singapore – M1 Limited (M1), one of Singapore’s leading Mobile Network Operators (MNO), has announced today that it is launching Zolaz, a cloud gaming subscription service that allows customers to play anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Zolaz caters to both mid-core and casual gamers with an ‘all-you-can-play’ on-demand gaming experience. Subscribers will be gaining unlimited access to over 400 high-quality PC and console titles including those by AAA publishers. Similar to Netflix and Spotify’s click-and-play model, games are streamed directly to users’ preferred devices without the need to wait for download and installation. A single account can be shared with up to four other profiles

Games in the catalogue include the BAFTA Games Award nominated first-person shooter, Metro Exodus, action RPG co-op from the Warhammer world, Warhammer: Chaosbane, as well as popular party game, Overcooked. Individual high scores and game history can also be stored directly on the cloud, freeing up device data storage.

“Cloud gaming has always been a possibility but its potential has so far depended on network speeds, data tariff, and latency. M1’s True 5G network resolves this with its high speed and low latency so that graphically intensive games can now be seamlessly played on-the-go and without need for expensive hardware,” said Manjot Singh Mann, CEO of M1. 

“M1 is on track to [roll out] nationwide 5G outdoor coverage by the end of this year. Zolaz is part of our 5G ambitions to develop and launch 5G commercial use cases across consumer, enterprise and government sectors,” Singh Mann added.

M1 customers can sign up for Zolaz online and in ‘My M1’ App. The cloud gaming subscription is priced at SGD14.98 per month with no contract. Customers who sign up now are also offered a one-month free subscription. 

The public will be able to experience Zolaz at M1’s flagship store at Peranakan Place from 2nd September. To celebrate the launch of the platform, M1 customers are invited to participate in their gaming tournament, Zolaz Battle Unlimited. Players must choose between Asphalt 9 or Chicken Invaders 4 to compete and submit their top scores by September 4th. 

The top four scorers of each game will be invited to compete against each other on 10 September. After pitting against each other in the semi-finals, the top scorer of each game will compete against TikTok Creators Alona (@pinoybrownie) and Denise (@denisealexis) from Hepmil Creators’ Network. The winner of each game in the grand final will take home the grand prize of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G worth SGD2,398.

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M1, Amazon Web Services collaborate for CX enhancement

Singapore – Singapore telco M1 has tapped IT service management company Amazon Web Services to enhance its current customer experience by launching Maxine, a VoiceBot for its existing hotlines.

Said VoiceBot is built on Amazon Connect, AWS’s omnichannel cloud-based contact center service that helps improve contact center agent productivity and end-user customer experiences. ‘Maxine’ is able to engage in more lifelike conversations with customers, as well as help improve end-user customer experiences by engaging them in open-ended conversations instead of menu-driven interfaces.

The deployment of ‘Maxine’ is part of M1’s continuous transformation journey to be a digital platform. As a cloud native solution, M1 is able to regularly develop and deploy new and incremental features and capabilities that enhance Maxine’s services. 

This solution enables M1 to scale up and down in a short period of time. It also provides call center agents the flexibility they need to work remotely, without compromising the customer experience. 

According to Stamford Low, director of customer experience and retail at M1, customer experience has always been a top priority for them since embarking on their digital transformation journey two years ago. He added as well that they have doubled down on delivering exceptional experiences for their customers.

“We are committed to ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for our customers on all platforms, including our hotlines. With technology as our enabler, M1 will continue to train Maxine to improve its capabilities and add more value to our customers, through the development of a self-help service,” Low stated.

Meanwhile, Dean Samuels, chief technologist for ASEAN at Amazon Web Services, commented that customers, such as those with M1, rely on actionable data to provide faster and more holistic customer experiences, optimize agents’ time based on what matters most, and enable customer service managers to take action in real time.

“With Amazon Connect, M1 can provide superior customer service at a lower cost with an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center. Embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with Amazon Connect makes it easy to automate interactions, understand customer sentiment, authenticate callers, and enable capabilities like interactive voice response (IVR) and chatbots,” Samuels explained.

To date, M1 has its 1627 (Bespoke), 1622 (Business) and 1800-843-8288 (Prepaid) hotlines operating on the Amazon Connect platform. This will be progressively rolled out to other hotlines.

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SG telco M1 launches ‘human-centric’ campaign to promote new mobile plan line

Singapore – M1, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Singapore, has launched a new campaign to promote its new mobile plans through a series of human-centric stories, following the company’s recent rebranding. 

Titled ‘Be’, the campaign focuses on seven unique stories that surround the theme of being ‘who you are’. Some of the featured stories include an 84-year old rock guitar player, Mary Ho; the country’s own blade runner Shariff Abdullah; and Jian Yang, who owns the second largest doll collection in the world.

The featured mobile plans, known collectively as Bespoke Mobile plans aim to meet customers’ desire for greater personalization. Whether looking for a mobile device or a suitable plan, these three made-to-measure offerings – Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke SIM-only, and Bespoke Contract – can be customized to fit individual needs.

Bespoke Flexi provides customers with greater flexibility in every respect, as they can dictate their upfront device payment and choose to settle their balance between 12 and 36 months.

Meanwhile, M1’s Bespoke SIM-only mobile plan offers customers an adaptable, contract-free experience. With the ability to change plans from month-to-month, users can take full advantage of M1’s latest products. In addition customers using the M1+ app now have a convenient slider to balance their data, talk time, and price on the fly.

Finally, Bespoke Contract’s updated data bundles provide customers with even more value as the new base plan includes 20GB. Alongside three fresh add-ons, customers can build a plan suited to their budget and needs.

“Featuring a selection of made-to-measure Bespoke plans, these directly address customer demand for personalization and flexibility. With this fresh, customer-first approach, M1 stands true to its name of being Singapore’s first digital network operator,” the company said in a press statement.

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IMDA, Enterprise Singapore refresh ‘Start Digital’ initiative

Singapore – ‘Start Digital’, a digital initiative started by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore for SME support, is refreshing their existing digital solutions in order to provide newly incorporated SMEs or those that have yet to digitize with foundational and easy-to-deploy digital solutions.

Initially launched in January 2019, the Start Digital program has helped more than 30,000 SMEs to adopt various digital transformation strategies for their businesses, known collectively as the ‘Start Digital Pack’. These solutions are offered across six partners, namely financial institutions DBS, Maybank, OCBC, and UOB, as well as telco Singtel and M1.

Start Digital is offering three new and enhanced categories:

  • Digital Collaboration – These enable employees to work from home or any other convenient locations. Examples include Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
  • Digital Marketing – Tools that provide SMEs with templates to create social media ads and manage their digital ad buys and placements on a single platform. This allows SMEs to easily manage targeted digital marketing campaigns and reach out to consumers on social media.
  • Digital Transactions – InvoiceNow-linked solutions offered by bank partners are integrated with e-payment including PayNow Corporate to enable SMEs to generate/receive e-invoices through InvoiceNow and receive/make e-payments seamlessly. These solutions help SMEs improve transaction accuracy and administrative productivity. Both e-invoicing and e-payments are part of digital utilities which IMDA is putting in place as baseline infrastructure for the digital economy. Similar to their physical counterparts, digital utilities provide common standards and ease of transactions for businesses. 

Start Digital initially included accounting, human resource management system and payroll, digital marketing, digital transactions and cybersecurity solutions. 

“Based on feedback from SMEs and Start Digital partners, IMDA and Enterprise Singapore are enhancing Start Digital to include new solutions that will enable SMEs to collaborate seamlessly with internal and external parties, and gain new customers,” according to a factsheet released by IMDA and Enterprise Singapore.

Both institutions have been proactive in driving support for SMEs and startups based on digital transformation strategies. Earlier this year, Enterprise Singapore supported the launch of the PlanetSpark Innovation Centre to focus on tech startups seeking to deploy artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) to the market.