Tokyo, Japan – Hakuhodo KEY3, the web3 business production venture under Hakuhodo Inc., has announced its partnership with PONT Inc., SmartMedia Technologies (SMT), and other global web3 technology companies to form the new loyalty program ‘Loyalty X’. 

Loyalty X’s establishment is rooted in the problem that only a few companies have managed to create programs that genuinely drive true engagement with their customers. Current loyalty programs face several challenges, such as providing only generic experiences, lacking unique value, offering primarily monetary value, and operating within the closed ecosystems of a single company.

This new corporate alliance between Hakuhodo KEY3 and other global web3 tech companies is set to provide revolutionary loyalty programs utilising web3 technology across the Asia region. It aims to address the challenges faced by loyalty programs, harnessing Web3 technology and its features, such as individual ownership of value, enhanced interoperability, and innovative customer experiences.

The web3 companies joining the alliance with Hakuhodo KEY3 are Crossmint, Privy, IYK, CheckIn Caster, beyondClub, SmartMedia Technologies, Cookie3, and Reclaim Protocol. 

By bringing together companies with exceptional and diverse technical expertise, the alliance seeks to deliver loyalty programs that truly engage customers while meeting business needs. Each member company offers specialised solutions tailored to different industries, addressing specific challenges and enriching loyalty program content. Through this collaborative effort, Loyalty X aims to forge deeper, more meaningful, and more effective connections with customers.

Hakuhodo KEY3 will also assume the role of project manager within the alliance, identifying corporate challenges, selecting appropriate solutions, and overseeing the design and progression of projects. Additionally, it will lead creative development initiatives, including customer experience planning and UX/UI design and development, as needed.

Matt Hunt, COO for APAC at SMT, shared, “The Loyalty X Alliance signifies a shift in the approach brands are taking to connect with their customers. It’s about establishing a continuous, immersive experience that goes beyond fleeting promotions. This always-on engagement strategy not only amplifies the potential for brands but also cultivates deeper customer loyalty while providing invaluable insights—in short, a new, more robust CRM channel.”