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UnionBank’s new ad takes viewers through a modern romance–between the customer and its app

Manila, Philippines – One of the leading commercial banks in the country, UnionBank, has partnered anew with creative advertising agency FCB Manila, to launch a new campaign titled ‘Love The Way You Bank’.

Earlier this year, UnionBank and FCB Manila have taken the viewers on a tour in a film inspired by Dante Aleghieri’s Divine Comedy, where the pains of banking were visualized by the circles of hell. 

In the newly launched film, which was created in collaboration with Director Marius Talampas for the second time, viewers will be taken through the usual stages of a romantic relationship, starring the two lead protagonists the customer and the app. Bearing in mind the vision of telling the love story as if it were a real-life documentary, the film lets viewers really feel the ‘love’.

Tin Siapno, UnionBank’s first vice president and digital marketing head, commented that they love how this film mimics how customers feel after using the UnionBank app. 

“It feels good to know that UB Online delivers on its promise and brings so much joy to our customers,” said Siapno. 

Meanwhile, Rab Evangelista, FCB Manila’s creative director, shared, “An idea can really come from anywhere. In the previous campaign, it came from hell. This time around, it came from the heart.”