Singapore – With the increase in adoption of e-commerce across Southeast Asia since the onset of the pandemic, online shopping has since integrated itself into consumers’ everyday lives. With this, e-commerce platform Lazada has unveiled its new brand proposition, ‘Add to Cart. Add to Life.’, recognising that shoppers are no longer just buying products for functional uses. 

This new brand proposition aims to reflect the brand’s belief that e-commerce can add to the lives of consumers by inspiring meaningful connections and memorable experiences with their purchases.

Marcus Chew, Lazada Group’s chief marketing officer, shared that as Southeast Asians continue to add to the cart, they want to be that bridge that connects customers to opportunities that add to life. 

“For us, it’s not just about buying a pan; it’s about owning a pan to add amazing flavours to a delicious meal for loved ones. Likewise, it’s not just about buying a skipping rope; it’s about adding fitness and health to one’s daily routine. Whether it’s a new hobby, honing a skill, creating a more comfortable home or a new look with a style makeover, every product on Lazada has the potential to be the launchpad for enhancing abilities and value-adding to our consumers’ lives,” he said.

Moreover, Lazada has also launched LazLive+, a curated interactive live content series that brings together recognisable, authentic, and trusted experts to share fresh tips and skills with shoppers. It seeks to connect the region’s shoppers with new ideas and experts from all walks of life, through cooking demonstrations, styling know-how, gaming tips, and fitness motivation, amongst others and will roll out across the region from 4 July. 

In Singapore, shoppers will get to interact with their favourite key opinion leaders (KOL) in real-time through the voting and chat functions, including Aiken Matthew Chia, Andrea Chong, Derek Cheong, Mong Chin Yeoh, and Tiong Jia En, with each KOL representing a different lifestyle segment. The live content series will kick off ‘D.I.Y. Like A Pro’ on 4 July with each episode running for one hour. In this series, host Aiken will challenge one of four KOLs to complete a task. The tasks are themed to each KOL’s respective expertise, and they will share personal tips and hacks with viewers on how to get the most value out of the items featured. Aiken, as the underdog challenger, will seek assistance from viewers through a voting process that will gain him access to bonus tools to help him complete his challenge easier. Viewers who aid Aiken in the voting process will also stand to gain exclusive shopping vouchers.

‘D.I.Y. Like A Pro’ will run for 15 episodes, with episodes airing daily at 8 pm during the debut launch week, followed by a weekly live stream every Wednesday at 8 pm. Coupled with exclusive deals and entertainment that Lazada brings to the fingertips, shoppers can also create more fulfilling moments, big and small, that will enrich their lives and those around them.

Chew said, “LazLive+ will also be a great source of inspiration for shoppers with its unique blend of shoppertainment and shop-spiration content, that will enable consumers to discover and unlock new passions and possibilities in their lives, thanks to the experts.”

The brand campaign will run across Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, as well as Vietnam, starting 24 June, with a 30-second film, out-of-home, a series of key visuals, influencer engagement, and topical social media activation, as well as other creative executions.