Lisa Tan, Carousell Media Group’s head of sales, bags an award at the Empowered Women Awards 2023 to be recognised as one of the ‘Empowered Women in Platforms’. The inaugural recognition exercise by MARKETECH APAC aims to laud outstanding women marketing leaders in the industry. 

Lisa’s addition to Carousell’s advertising arm in 2022 is a comeback for the leader as she served the company within an accounts role for three years from 2018 – 2021. Aside from Carousell, she brings with her experience in business development in companies such as ZomWork and EternityX. 

Helping advertisers to be at the right place & time 

Even though Lisa will only be just completing her first year with the Carousell Media Group team, she has already led several notable projects and campaigns that have contributed to the success of the company. One of these is the launch of the Carousell Shopping Ads in late 2022. 

Carousell Shopping Ads is the company’s solution that provides the most relevant ads to consumers via an optimised product feed triggered by the consumer’s search queries on Carousell’s marketplaces, giving an efficient and effective way for advertisers to boost traffic to their e-commerce stores. For this, Lisa developed a sales strategy to expand its reach to clients. 

Lisa is a forward-looking sales leader where she’s able to introduce innovative ideas in order to boost the advertising arm’s sales processes and efforts. Through her help, she’s able to put forth lead-generating strategies such as ‘comparison’ of other existing products in order to illustrate Carousell Media Group’s strengths in harnessing product searches.

Leading a regional sales team 

As head of sales of the advertising arm which has a regional presence, Lisa’s leadership remit, at the onset, is far and wide-reaching. 

One perfect example was when she helped untangle a challenge experienced by the Philippines team, which is hindering them to work smoothly with other sales teams. As a leader, she believes that success is achieved through a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Amidst being based in the company’s headquarters in Singapore, Lisa helped grow the value of transparency and accountability within the regional teams of Hong Kong and the Philippines to ensure the company’s state of business in these markets is on the path to sustainable success. 

An empowered woman willing to pay back 

For Lisa, being an empowered woman leader in the industry would be a lost cause if she’s not able to help build the same level of transformational confidence in other women. With this, mentorship is one of her non-negotaible aims as a leader. 

Her team comprises 70% female employees and as the head of her department, she doesn’t waste opportunities to nurture and take the charge in helping her female staff flourish in their expertise. 

Lisa’s mentorship and support have been especially important in the tech industry, where women are still underrepresented. Her efforts have helped to take steps forward in breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for women to excel and thrive in the industry. 

“Mentoring female leaders is deeply personal to me as I stand on the shoulders of all the mentors who have supported me. I want to help more women leaders to get a seat at the table so that they have a chance to let their amazing work speak for itself,” commented Lisa.

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