Hong Kong – As travel regains momentum, international airline Cathay Pacific has unveiled its campaign made with Publicis Groupe Hong Kong called ‘Let’s Get Moving ;P’, which gives a gentle wink to Hong Kongers’ unique quirk of keepsaking.

To inspire people to ‘get moving’ again, Cathay Pacific celebrates the ‘unshakable bond’ by using actual data taken from Cathay flights to unearth its most popular branded items – and making them the stars of its new campaign. 

“Our research showed that in Hong Kong, many people have some Cathay items tucked away somewhere. We found this encouraging and inspiring as we tend to keep mementos of those things we value and want to remember. So, we decided to build on this and ask all these keepsakes to come to life and encourage us all to ‘Let’s get moving’,” said Edward Bell, general manager, brand, insights, and marketing communications at Cathay Pacific

Meanwhile, Natalie Lam, chief creative officer, Publicis Groupe APAC and MEA, also commented, “There’s a deep bond between Cathay and Hong Kongers over all the trips taken in the past 70 years. Every pen, deck of cards, cup or eye mask we have at home brings us back to the fond memories of each trip.”

Lam added, “We love the idea of celebrating flying again with this universal truth, telling the story through the lens of these ‘keepsakes’ between the airline and its customers.” 

Some of Hong Kong’s most renowned influencers and celebrities are now coming clean about their favourite Cathay items, while on social channels, Cathay is inviting Hong Kongers to get their own hoarding stories off their chests.

The ‘Let’s Get Moving ;P’ campaign will run in Hong Kong throughout April and May.