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Report shows Viu as top video streaming platform in SEA

Hong Kong — Viu has been named the number one premium video on demand platform in terms of the number of Monthly Average Users (MAUs) in the Greater Southeast Asia region according to Media Partners Asia’s consumer insights division –AMPD. Viu is the OTT video streaming service of Hong Kong-based information tech company Pacific Century CyberWorks.

The report revealed that Viu’s MAUs are once again ahead of other major streaming platforms in Greater Southeast Asia and continued to be the highest for all quarters of 2021. The platform also ranked second in both paid subscribers and premium video streaming minutes amongst major video streaming platforms in the region in quarter four of 2021.

Helen Sou, chief business officer of Viu Asia, said that Viu’s consistent performance in a very competitive region, coupled with its significant growth in monetization in 2021, firmly entrenched Viu as a leading player in this part of the world.

“Our content has clearly resonated with our Asian audience, and our freemium business model has consistently proven popular with both consumers and ecosystem partners. As the destination of premium Asian content, we will continue to invest in stories that are relevant, from both our expanding content partnerships as well as with Viu Original productions,” Sou said.

Compared to 2020, the top 10 Viu Original titles showed stellar growth of over 94 per cent in video views and an exponential increase of over 200 per cent in video minutes. This helped drive subscriptions by 58 per cent from 5.3 million in 2020 to 8.4 million in 2021.