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Mindshare unveils new brand proposition, shuffles leadership team

London, United Kingdom – Mindshare has launched its new brand proposition of ‘Good Growth’, which is to promote diversified and more sustainable initiatives that are aligned with the clients’ business ambitions.

The new proposition is underpinned by Mindshare’s mother network GroupM‘s ‘Responsible Investment Framework’, which carries five focus areas, namely, Brand Safety, Data Ethics, and DE&I, as well as Responsible Journalism, and Sustainability.

According to Mindshare, the agency is also actively involved in WPP’s, in which GroupM oversees the media investment management sector, commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions in its operations by 2025 and across its entire supply chain by 2030, with media making up the largest element of that supply chain.

Adam Gerhart, the global CEO of Mindshare, shared that delivering ‘Good Growth’ in the platform age is about how well people harness platforms, their ecosystems, and their impact – for both business and good. 

“It requires a new and more holistic understanding of people, through the marriage of empathy and accuracy in solutions, to ensure brands deliver value to their consumers which are aligned with their own values at the same time – for enduring and meaningful growth to everyone in the ecosystem,” said Gerhart.

Following this endeavor, the media agency has made a series of new appointments to its senior leadership and capabilities teams to support its new proposition.

Nilufar Fowler, Mindshare’s current global chief growth officer, has been appointed to the newly created role of global chief client officer. Her responsibilities include ensuring that the agency meets the most pressing needs faced by its clients by creating client communities and connecting them across the agency, into GroupM services, and with WPP capabilities, in order to ensure the best access for the clients to the multiple services and capabilities required to drive ‘Good Growth’ in the Platform Age.

Meanwhile, Dan Reaume, the current chief development officer at Mindshare USA, has been appointed as the new global chief growth officer. He will be responsible for driving the agency’s global growth through business development, leading with how the agency’s new ‘Good Growth’ proposition can drive enduring and sustainable growth for clients.

Kristina Palmer Shedd has recently joined the agency as Mindshare’s global chief people officer, and was tasked with leading the agency’s people operations globally. She will be working to cultivate a good growth talent and transformation mentality and partnering closely with the people teams at GroupM and WPP.

The current chief digital officer at Mindshare Worldwide, Tom Johnson, will also be taking on the new role of global chief solutions officer. He will be spearheading the creation of solutions to help clients drive ‘Good Growth’ by combining capabilities from Mindshare, GroupM, and WPP, based on client requirements. Johnson will also be working closely with GroupM on the development of digital activation solutions and will be leading Mindshare’s consulting offer ‘Change’, working with clients in a consultative capacity with a focus on organizational design, operating models, infrastructure, and consumer strategy, as well as automation, and commerce.

Oliver Joyce, currently the head of Mindshare Worldwide, has been appointed as the new global chief transformation officer. She will be ensuring that transformation is built into clients’ ‘Good Growth’ plans, connecting clients to Mindshare’s consulting offering ‘Change’.

Helen McRae was also recently announced as Mindshare’s new APAC CEO, helping the agency’s clients in the region drive their business forward, nationally and globally. She will also be helping the network to leverage the platform expertise the region has developed in areas such as platform commerce to help drive ‘Good Growth’.

Shane McAndrew, the current chief data strategy officer at Mindshare USA, will be taking on the role of global chief data strategy and analytics officer. His remit is to build and scale the agency and client solutions in data, technology, and analytics, finding the unique balance of empathy and accuracy in data to allow Mindshare to deliver ‘Good Growth’ strategies for clients.

And lastly, the current chief instigation officer at Mindshare USA, Joe Maceda, has been appointed as the global chief innovation officer. He was tasked to bolster the creativity and innovation in media, leveraging the fast-changing landscape and harnessing new approaches, such as neuroscience, as part of Mindshare’s core offering. He will be adding more empathy-based intelligence solutions to the agency’s mix and preparing clients for the future of ‘Good Growth’.

Gerhart commented, “These appointments will help us deliver ‘Good Growth’ more effectively for our clients, accelerating business and advancing the world around us.”