Mumbai, India – Premium men’s innerwear and comfort wear brand, XYXX, has launched a major brand campaign starring the star cricketer KL Rahul in a series of films that urge viewers to tune out the noise and trust their instinct. 

The campaign, which was conceptualised by creative agency The Womb and directed by Shashanka Chaturvedi from Good Morning films, aims to show that when KL is faced with an on-field situation where he must choose between the available right options, he does not give in to the hype that surrounds him and decides to do things his own way.

Titled ‘Play Your Way’, the campaign is left open-ended and intentionally does not showcase the decision KL finally makes, building intrigue and keeping viewers guessing, all the while pushing the viewer to choose the ‘Play your way’ philosophy even in life situations off-field.

Navin Talreja, The Womb’s co-founder, noted that for a sportsman of KL’s stature, it is so important to cut out all the noise, believe in his ability and trust his own instinct, and that is exactly what they have tried to showcase in their communication. 

“To add to this, it was a conscious call to showcase KL Rahul wearing just underwear when the whole category is shying away from this and discouraging it. In our mind this is what the brand stands for: Playing your way,” said Talreja.

Meanwhile, Yogesh Kabra, XYXX’s founder, shared that with the ‘Play Your Way’ campaign, their aim is to encourage and applaud authenticity, people who chart their own path, steer clear of the naysayers and trust their instinct through all of life’s choices. 

“There could not be a better face for the campaign than our ambassador – KL Rahul, who is the true embodiment of understated grit and courage. With the campaign, we hope to drive culture in new, provocative ways that hopefully encourage people to always follow their instinct and be true to their most authentic selves,” said Kabra.

The fully integrated campaign is now available across digital, social, and traditional media platforms.