Insider’s Katie Nguyen, who serves as the company’s senior regional marketing manager for Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines; has been named as one of the winners of ‘Empowered Women in Marketing’ category at MARKETECH APAC’s inaugural recognition initiative for women leaders in the industry, Empowered Women Awards 2023.

Nguyen has been with Insider for over two years, with her roles revolving around strategic marketing endeavours for the company. She was also a marketing leader for software development company fram^ and the co-founder of smart lifestyle app OKGO.

Leadership defined through brand exposure and client satisfaction

To strengthen the company’s offering in certain markets in Southeast Asia, Nguyen has been heavily involved in some of the company’s efforts to help build their brand in the region. These range from brand recognition campaigns to content series that feature senior executives across various industries.

Some of these initiatives Nguyen spearheaded include the ‘Reshape On Tour’ campaign which highlighted Insider’s creative solutions, as well as the ‘CxO Beyond the Title’ content series, which used insights from interviewed executives to angle the company as a respected industry leader and useful resource in the corporate world.

With these initiatives, Nguyen has used these critical contributions to help Insider cement its place as a leading B2B unicorn company in the region. Moreover, it has helped the company to expand its services and continue providing clients with unmatched business value over time.

Setting by example through accountability, empowerment, and innovation

Nguyen describes her leadership style in the three aforementioned pillars. For her, this allows her to give her team members autonomy in their work, therefore promoting a culture of innovation and excellency.

Moreover, she adds that as part of her empowered leadership, she makes sure that there is a responsibility to identify and capitalize on each team member’s individual qualities in order to assist them realise their maximum potential.

She also understands the value of young professionals in the industry, hence she makes sure that she works with her team to continually work to increase their collective knowledge and expertise in their field.

Giving back to fellow female industry leaders

Outside of her leadership role, Nguyen is actively involved in various initiatives to give back to the growing community of female industry leaders. These include close-knit gatherings for female industry leaders to share valuable insights; as well as mentoring young and aspiring women in overcoming the obstacles presented by the field and achieving their objectives by sharing their experiences and views.

A key example of said women-focused leadership events is the ‘Insider Growth Maker Club’ in Vietnam, which has helped in improving the marketing skills of 300 marketers by increasing their sector knowledge and competence. 

For her, if women can have the tools and resources they need to succeed, they can create a more diverse and inclusive sector that benefits everyone.

“Women are the heart and soul of any successful team.” It is critical to provide them with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunity to succeed in the job and beyond,” she said.

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