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Reselling platform in Jarafa launches reseller, wholesaler marketplace in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh – Jarafa, a reselling platform has announced the launch of its reseller and wholesaler marketplace in Bangladesh. It aims to link wholesalers and resellers via its website and app so that all they have to do is click to generate money.

Anyone in the country can sell and buy things from anywhere in the country. Both B2B and B2C business models are maintained by Jarafa. Jarafa also shared that it will  be offering a financing program in the near future that would involve bank loans. 

Jarafa’s chief mission is to develop an eCommerce environment that will allow digital businesses to grow and expand throughout the country. Ultimately, Jarafa aims to become a one-stop tool that helps businesses sell their products through Facebook and other social media platforms.

Md. Fahad, CEO of Jarafa, said that the Jarafa team will work tirelessly and sincerely to facilitate the creation of a social commerce ecosystem that is safe and secure. By using this strategy, digital commerce and entrepreneurship will both be boosted to a larger extent. 

“With the best technical and financial support available to our resellers and wholesalers, Jarafa hopes to reach a strong and stable position in the next 2-3 years,” the company said.