India — Evergreen Club, the online community for older adults has launched their Women’s Day campaign entitled #LadyActYourAge underscoring age-related plights like stereotyping faced by elderly women in everyday life. Evergreen cites the recent report stating that the ageing population in India has grown 34 per cent between the timespan of 2011 and 2021 and alongside it grew the loneliness and typecasting amongst this age bracket.

Through a video, this social media campaign by Evergreen Club explores the conflicting messages women have been given about how they should look, live, and behave as they get older.

#LadyActYourAge serves as a powerful reminder for viewers to change their actions, way of speaking, and the expectations society puts on older women. It also reminds us to beat gender and age-related stereotypes, and give elderly women the freedom to make their own choices.

Tapan Mishra, founder of Evergreen Club, said that society often expects older women need to behave a certain way and act according to their age. Mishra continued by saying that during his conversations with Evergreen Club members, he constantly observed how they have been breaking the stereotypes they have been subjected to.

“This International Women’s Day, we aim to highlight these issues so that people take cognizance of the same and take it upon themselves to spread the message to create a sensitive world for the elders, and more so, for the elderly women,” Mishra said.