Singapore – InMobi, global provider of mobile marketing and monetisation technologies, has announced its new industry-first, proprietary programmatic bidder to better drive iOS app performance for growth marketers without relying on user-level identifiers. Complementing InMobi’s traditional demand-side platform (DSP), the pioneering automated bidder is built from the ground up to rely solely on privacy-safe data signals when optimising programmatic media buys, whilst leveraging Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) attribution framework. 

Apple’s release of SKAN 4.0 brings more insights into campaign performance, unlocking even more powerful optimisation and measurement capabilities—creating renewed optimism amongst performance marketers for the future of iOS app growth. With more than half of digital dollars now earmarked for mobile—now 68% of all digital spend—InMobi aims to help marketers invest in understanding and maximising SKAN 4.0 with a purpose-built solution to thrive in the privacy-first era.

“SKAN 4.0 is especially relevant for Southeast Asia markets that heavily rely on iOS devices as they offer a privacy-focused solution for mobile app performance advertising on iOS,” said Rishi Bedi, managing director at InMobi

“With iOS devices being increasingly adopted in the region, it is imperative that advertisers are able to utilise solutions to provide accurate reporting while adhering to iOS privacy policies. In Southeast Asia, we have leveraged our early investment in SKAN 4.0 to pioneer privacy-focused innovation that avoids user-level identifiers for effective data collection and to shape the future of mobile app performance advertising,” he added. 

Since the rollout of SKAN 2.0 in 2020, InMobi has been handling audience targeting and campaign optimisation at a large scale, without relying on Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) due to robust testing on Limited Ad Tracking (LAT) users in iOS. With the accelerating cadence of SKAN improvements, advertisers are shifting more budget towards SKAN-compliant campaigns, which now represent nearly 80% of iOS spending on InMobi’s DSP. 

“When Apple first announced ATT and SKAdNetwork, it added complexity for marketers and we saw a clear opportunity to expand our suite of mobile app performance offerings to power media buying and optimization in this new privacy-first world,” commented Navin Madhavan, vice president of revenue and operations for InMobi Demand Platforms.

“Working closely with our most innovative clients, we developed deep expertise on Apple’s privacy-preserving attribution framework across our media buying, product, engineering and data science teams. The result is a proprietary solution that helps leading app growth marketers consistently exceed their KPIs on iOS while adhering to Apple’s strict privacy parameters,” added Madhavan. 

InMobi’s DSP is integrated with leading mobile ad exchanges and its new SKAN specialised bidder supports all currently released versions of Apple’s attribution framework, including the new 4.0 version. SKAN 4.0 has been developed to deliver campaign performance insights more rapidly, frequently, and with higher granularity than previous versions.

Some notable enhancements of SKAN 4.0 include multiple postbacks, which simplifies delivery and new insight into post-install events; hierarchical source ids, which afford more opportunities to uncover learnings that improve optimisation; hierarchical conversions, where performance insights come more rapidly, predictably, and frequently; and also Safari mobile web support, which grants additional privacy-safe channel to reach users on their mobile devices. 

In Mid-2022, InMobi has integrated its ‘Exchange’ SSP into Yahoo’s DSP to enable advertisers direct access to premium in-app supply.