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Lifebuoy launches new campaign ‘I am a little girl’ to inspire Pakistani Girls

Pakistan – The Lifebuoy Shampoo brand in Pakistan has launched a new campaign ‘Mein Choti Si Aik Ladki Hoon’ (I am a little girl) together with the Ministry of School Education Punjab with the aim to make an impact on girl-child education and reinforce the importance of showing support that allows “our little girls to dream gets greater every day.”

The campaign has created a movement and inspired policy-makers to revise the curriculum to a more balanced syllabi -for the first time in Pakistan’s history. To kick off the initiative, Lifebuoy and advertising agency GREY in Pakistan revisited Jameeludin Aali’s iconic children’s poem, which is told from a male perspective. The original poem has been part of the school curriculum through the ages to encourage and motivate all children.

Zehra Nigah, a critically acclaimed Pakistani literary figure, has rewritten the poem through a female lens, aiming to inspire young girls to also dream big. Meanwhile, the commercial illustrates ordinary school life from the perspective of young girl who reads original male-intentioned poetry in front of school and sums up her ideas. When the poem is read aloud by a female, everyone notices that the male gender roles are firmly delineated in society.

As the narrative unfolds, viewers see the prejudices of a patriarchal culture affecting the young girl and her mother. In response to the small girl’s dismay, her mother rewrites the poem. Her words now have meaning to her, and she is observed to be elated, inspired, and motivated when she recites.

The newly updated poem has become a part of the national curriculum at government-funded schools. The roll-out to date has included more than 4000+ government schools along with 1000+ Zindagi Trust schools. 

The campaign was launched on mass media, including TVCs, social media platforms, print, and prominently placed billboards.