Singapore – Global media measurement and optimisation platform Integral Ad Science (IAS) has announced the expansion of its brand safety and suitability measurement product for YouTube, to include reporting for Performance Max and Demand Gen campaigns on Google Ads.

This integration with YouTube aims to provide advertisers with enhanced tools for safe and effective campaign management.

IAS’s brand safety, suitability, viewability, and invalid traffic (IVT) measurement will now also be available for Google Demand Gen campaigns for YouTube In-Stream and YouTube Shorts.

With this enhancement, IAS will provide global advertisers with third-party assurance through verification that ads running on Performance Max and Demand Gen campaigns appear alongside brand-safe and suitable content, accurate analysis of brand suitability trends to empowers advertisers’ decisions, and comprehensive verification of YouTube content in over 30 languages for key international events in 2024 and beyond.

Talking about this, Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, said, “IAS is committed to providing advertisers valuable third-party assurance that their campaigns are running adjacent to brand safe and suitable content, and we’re excited to provide further safeguards for their campaigns across YouTube.”

“Our best-in-class measurement solutions coupled with Performance Max and Demand Gen will provide the actionable data needed to drive efficiency, scale, and safety,” she added.

Singapore – Global media measurement and optimization platform Integral Ad Science (IAS) has recently announced its first-to-market integration with a global immersive video game platform Roblox.

Available for advertising campaigns on Roblox later this year, IAS’s Viewability and Invalid Traffic (IVT) Measurement products will provide advertisers increased transparency into the quality of their ads within complex 3D environments.

In line with this, Roblox also announced that its video ads are now available to all advertisers, enabling them to reach its community of users ages 13 and over at scale. The new video ad format joins the broader suite of Roblox’s Immersive Ads offerings that include other formats such as billboard-style image ads.

Going into detail, this partnership is in line with IAS launching new features, including global 3D in-experience measurement coverage with advanced viewability and invalid traffic metrics, as well as third-party daily reporting through IAS Signal, the company’s unified reporting platform delivering data and insights to advertisers. 

Talking about the partnership, Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, said, “Our partnership with Roblox makes us the first measurement provider to bring enhanced visibility and transparency to the world of 3D immersive experiences on Roblox, giving advertisers the assurance they need that their ads are driving engagement and reaching real users.”

Meanwhile, Allison McDuffee, global head of brand insights and measurement at Roblox, commented, “This partnership will help us develop industry leading measurement tools to establish and maintain trust with our advertising partners. We are committed to building measurement solutions alongside innovation in 3D immersive spaces together with partners like IAS.”

Singapore – Global media measurement and optimisation platform Integral Ad Science (IAS) has announced the expansion of its ‘Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement’ product to now include the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) category of misinformation across Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels. 

The GARM-aligned AI-driven solution will provide added confidence in campaigns run against brand-safe and suitable content. 

Facebook and Instagram bar ads from appearing alongside labelled misinformation or policy-violating content. However, advertisers seek greater control over the content themes their ads run alongside.

With IAS’ tools, advertisers can now assess if their ads are running alongside potentially unsuitable content as defined by the GARM framework. Now, they will be able to review when their ads run alongside content on the subject of misinformation.

IAS’s AI-driven Total Media Quality (TMQ) product includes ‘Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement’ technology that combines image, audio, and text signals with comprehensive frame-by-frame video analysis to classify content accurately in the feed at scale. TMQ provides further reassurance that advertisers’ campaigns are running adjacent to brand-suitable content.

Meta implements a robust approach to misinformation, prioritising the removal of content posing an immediate physical harm risk and collaborating with major third-party fact-checkers to label and reduce misinformation distribution. Ads are prevented from appearing alongside such content or any violating Meta policies. Instead, IAS measures if ads have appeared next to content that discusses or has to do with the GARM-aligned category of misinformation.

IAS classifies content according to the GARM Brand Safety and Suitability Framework and provides reporting to advertisers for them to tailor suitability settings on Meta. Content-level reporting provided by IAS allows advertisers to get a full, accurate picture of the subject matter and content their ads are running adjacent to and adjust their campaigns based on their own desired risk profiles.

Furthermore, IAS is also launching new features and functionality for advertisers across Facebook and Instagram, including expanded content-level transparency for IAS Signal, a simplified user experience, and enhanced reporting features. 

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, said, “We’re excited to evolve our TMQ solution to include the GARM category of misinformation, which gives marketers more control over their brands’ reputations, especially ahead of this year’s U.S. elections. We are constantly innovating and building on our partnerships with the world’s largest platforms like Meta, providing added confidence for our customers while ensuring they are driving superior results through IAS’s data and technology.”

Singapore Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global media measurement and optimization platform, has announced an extension of its brand safety and appropriateness measurement reporting on TikTok. The upgrade features new category exclusion and vertical sensitivity segments, which allow marketers to avoid a greater range of content that may be incompatible with their brand.

This extension uses IAS’s AI-driven Total Media Quality (TMQ) product to further improve and optimise the way advertisers measure and protect their campaigns on TikTok. It guarantees that marketers can develop their brand presence on one of the biggest and short-form video entertainment platforms globally with certainty.

IAS is adding 11 more nations to its brand safety and suitability measurement on TikTok, bringing the total to 62 countries in 34 languages. IAS’s AI-powered total media quality offering for TikTok makes use of multimedia technology, which combines frame-by-frame video analysis with audio, text, and image information. This makes it possible to classify material accurately and at scale in the for you Feed in accordance with four risk levels and 12 GARM brand safety & suitability categories. 

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, said, “The rapid adoption of short-form video on social platforms like TikTok created demand for next-generation solutions that can provide protection and performance for advertisers. As the first independent, third-party digital media quality provider offering an end-to-end brand safety solution for TikTok, global advertisers now have access to AI-backed solutions to safeguard and scale their brands across one of the largest and fastest-growing social platforms around the globe.”

Meanwhile, Chen-Lin Lee, global head of measurement and data partnerships at TikTok, stated, “TikTok is continuously building and refining our brand safety and suitability solutions for advertisers, and evolving to stay ahead of emerging needs. We are excited to be partnering with trusted third-party measurement provider Integral Ad Science to complement our own TikTok Inventory Filter, and our new brand suitability controls Category Exclusion and Vertical Sensitivity, so advertisers are confident in the tools that empower them to connect with our community.” 

London, UK – Adaptive streaming technology platform SeenThis announced that Integral Ad Science (IAS) has completed a video certification to provide third-party-validated, actionable measurement for advertisers using SeenThis technology. 

Through this video certification process, SeenThis clients will have the option to add IAS within the platform to measure the video metrics of their campaign and its video creatives. 

IAS’ video certification ensures accurate measurements and helps warrant viewability while also combating invalid traffic (IVT) for advertisers. With this, advertisers can have confidence that their ads are being seen by real people, driving results and minimising fraud. 

SeenThis has developed proprietary adaptive streaming technology that enables emissions reduction by decreasing the amount of data wasted in serving an ad. Some ways this is done are by only streaming content when it is in view and by only displaying creative content that user conditions allow.

Csaba Szabo, managing director for EMEA at IAS, said, “It’s important that advertisers have full control over their digital media campaigns, with granular insights that provide better measurement. Together with partners such as SeenThis, we’re able to provide marketers added confidence with even greater levels of transparency and actionable data to deliver results for their campaigns.”

Also speaking on the partnership, Jesper Benon, CEO at SeenThis, shared, “We’re really happy to announce our partnership with IAS, which will be a major asset to brands using video at the heart of their campaigns. This video certification marks an important milestone in ensuring stronger accountability and transparency in the digital ecosystem.”

He added, “IAS is aligned with many of our goals, analysing the value of digital advertising placements while addressing issues around fraud, viewability, brand risk, and media quality. We are delighted to partner with its team as we continue our mission to enhance performance while aiding our clients’ efforts to increase transparency and reduce the negative impact of their digital advertising on the climate.”

Singapore – Global media measurement and optimization platform Integral Ad Science (IAS), has announced that its AI-driven ‘Total Media Quality (TMQ)’ brand safety and suitability measurement product is now generally available across Facebook, Instagram, and Reels. 

Through this partnership, IAS’s new post-bid brand safety and suitability measurement expansion with Meta gives advertisers increased transparency into whether their campaigns are appearing next to safe and suitable content.

Going into detail, IAS brand safety and suitability measurement product expansion to Meta gives advertisers the ability to measure adjacent posts to an advertiser’s campaign using IAS’s multimedia technology to provide unique insight into video content, providing advertisers with third-party validation with trusted and transparent industry metrics, and providing third-party validation for advertisers to understand and optimise their Meta inventory filters.

Additionally, advertisers can now leverage IAS Signal, its unified reporting platform that delivers the data and insights advertisers need to easily manage their digital campaigns.

Talking about this expansion, Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, said, “IAS is steadfast in delivering solutions to help marketers measure and optimise performance in dynamic, user-generated social environments like Facebook and Instagram. This expansion allows brands to identify higher-quality media and scale across these platforms, signifying another important milestone in helping brands enhance brand equity across the entire digital ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, Samantha Stetson, vice president of client council and industry trades at Meta, said, “IAS’s release of Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement across Facebook and Instagram is a meaningful step forward in our continued work to provide transparency and trust across our advertising ecosystem. Responsible marketing is a top priority at Meta – and we are pleased with our continued partnership to bring this important solution to our advertisers.”

Singapore – Global media measurement and optimization platform Integral Ad Science has just recently announced its business expansions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, accompanied with senior leadership appointments for the newly launched markets, aiming to accelerate AI-driven measurement and optimisation solutions for both local and global advertisers and publishers.

Appointments include Sowarose Charuwatpaiboon as the country head of Thailand, Thanh Nguyen as the country head of Vietnam, Melvin Wong as the region head of Hong Kong & Taiwan, and Arfitrianto Zulnaini, sales director of Indonesia, who will be stepping up as the country head of Indonesia and Malaysia.

In her new role as country head of Thailand, Charuwatpaiboon will carry over a decade of experience in the digital advertising industry with a record of success in sales, account management, and business development at companies including Adcolony, Taboola and Innity. She joined IAS in 2023 to expand operations in Thailand, and now, will be leading the team to drive continued growth.

Commenting on her new role, Charuwatpaiboon said, “I am excited to bring IAS’s world-class media measurement and optimisation solutions to advertisers and publishers in Thailand. IAS’s commitment to providing effective and transparent advertising environments for brands and media owners alike will resonate with brands seeking to navigate the complexities of the digital advertising ecosystem and driving efficiencies.”

As country head for Vietnam, Nguyen brings over 25 years of experience in the Vietnamese media and advertising landscape, with a portfolio comprising companies like JOYY Inc, Vietcetera Media and TikTok Vietnam. Her understanding of the local market dynamics and her relationships with prominent advertisers, publishers, and industry stakeholders will help drive IAS’s growth in Vietnam’s flourishing digital advertising ecosystem.

Speaking on her appointment, Nguyen said, “I am thrilled to join IAS and help expand its presence in Vietnam. Brands in Vietnam are investing significant budgets across digital media, and there’s a growing adoption of measurement and optimisation solutions among advertisers and publishers. With its superior solutions and dedicated teams, IAS empowers Vietnamese brands and media owners to navigate the evolving digital landscape and unlock their full potential.”

Aiming to propel IAS’s presence in Hong Kong & Taiwan, Wong joins IAS with global experience across Hong Kong, New York and Toronto, where he spent over a decade in sales and business development roles at companies including Teads and TripleLift. He will be leveraging his extensive global experience and strategic acumen to establish IAS as a trusted partner for brands and agencies within this vibrant digital landscape.

Commenting on his appointment, Wong said, “Joining IAS amidst their remarkable growth in programmatic is an absolute privilege. Having witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by top brands and agencies, I deeply understand the crucial role efficiency and ROI play in our partnerships. I’m committed to working with brands and agencies to drive widespread adoption of IAS’s industry-leading measurement and optimisation solutions to drive superior business results for advertisers and publishers.”

Last but not least in IAS’s appointments, Zulnaini joined IAS in 2020 as the sales director of Indonesia, where he brought over 24 years of sales and leadership experience in digital media at companies including Yahoo, Carat, and Mindshare, driving programmatic adoption and incremental revenue growth for IAS in Indonesia. Now he is stepping up as a country head for two markets, focusing on growing IAS’s measurement and optimisation adoption in both Indonesia and Malaysia.

Talking about his appointment, Zulnaini mentioned, “I am honoured to take on the additional responsibility of leading IAS’s Malaysia business and keen to build further on the solid foundation developed over the years in the market. Malaysia, much like Indonesia, is an evolving digital media market with high growth potential, so it’s no surprise that it has become a strategic focus. I look forward to advancing the company’s superior media quality solutions in these markets.”

Speaking on the APAC expansion and the appointments, Yannis Dosios, chief commercial officer of IAS, remarked, “APAC presents a prime opportunity for IAS to expand its global footprint and connect with a dynamic customer base for long-term growth and market leadership. We’re doubling down on agility and local relevance by building strong, regional teams that understand the nuances of each market, which is key to tailoring our solutions and creating lasting relationships with international and local brands in the region.”

With this recent expansion, IAS’s APAC in-market operations now include Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Singapore – Global media measurement and optimization platform Integral Ad Science has recently announced the general availability of its ‘Quality Attention’ measurement product – a first in unifying media quality and eye tracking with machine learning. 

The new offering provides transparent metrics to help global advertisers increase return on investment, drive brand consideration, and boost conversions.

With Quality Attention, advertisers can capture higher attention to drive campaign performance and unlock proven results. Quality Attention uses advanced machine learning technology, actionable data from Lumen Research’s eye-tracking technology, and a variety of signals obtained as part of IAS’s core technology. 

This includes viewability, ad situation, and user interaction, and weighs them into a single attention score. IAS’s attention model is designed to predict if an impression is more likely to lead to a business result including awareness, consideration, and conversion.

In detail, Quality Attention provides global advertisers with an advanced machine learning model that views campaigns’ attention performance based on a vast data pool, a 130% lift in conversion rates when comparing high attention impressions to low attention impressions, and the combination of large consumer attention biometric data sets with media quality metrics to provide the most accurate picture of attention for global advertisers.

Talking about this initiative, Yannis Dosios, chief commercial officer at Integral Ad Science, said, ”Attention measurement must inform actions that drive superior results for advertisers. Our Quality Attention offering is purpose-built to help brands and agencies navigate through media clutter to seamlessly understand how media visibility, the ad environment, and customer interaction impact campaign performance.”

“According to our research, brands that focus on driving higher IAS attention scores achieve up to a 130% lift in conversion rates leading to a better return on their investment,” he added.

Singapore – Integral Ad Science (IAS) has introduced advanced ad measurement tools for YouTube Shorts, the widely popular short-form video experience enabling users to create and share catchy videos.

With the launch of the total media quality for the YouTube product suite, IAS now offers viewability and invalid traffic measurement for YouTube shorts’ rapidly expanding inventory, ensuring advertisers that real users are viewing their ads.

This move further strengthens IAS and Google’s commitment to providing advertisers with enhanced transparency, enabling them to gauge the performance of their ad campaigns more effectively.

Moreover, by offering this more significant level of transparency, IAS aims to cater to the needs of advertisers who have shown significant interest in leveraging YouTube Shorts’ global and ever-growing audience.

In a statement from Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, she said, “The rapid and widespread growth of YouTube Shorts presents an incredible opportunity for our advertising partners to reach and engage with audiences worldwide.”

With IAS’s latest ad measurement tools, advertisers can now make more informed decisions and maximize the impact of their advertising efforts on YouTube Shorts’ dynamic platform. 

Singapore — Anzu, an in-game advertising solution, and Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global media measurement and optimization platform, have announced the introduction of an industry-wide solution that tracks viewability and invalid traffic (IVT) across 2D and 3D gaming environments.

Anzu and IAS have enhanced their in-game ad measurement solution, providing advertisers with increased trust and confidence in investing in the gaming industry. This comprehensive solution spans mobile, PC, and console gaming platforms, supporting programmatic and direct ad purchases for display and video formats.

Ben Fenster, co-founder and CPO, at Anzu, said, “When founding Anzu, we knew that for in-game to succeed, advertisers would need a robust and transparent way to measure their success and be able to compare it to other mediums, which is why this area has been a core focus for us as a business from day one.” 

He added, “It’s been great to work together with IAS on this first-to-market solution which marks a significant step forward in how measurement is done within the in-game advertising space.”

Meanwhile, Yannis Dosios, chief commercial officer at IAS, said, “We know that gaming is one of the most compelling environments for advertisers because consumers bring passion, focus, and dedication when they are playing.” 

Dosios added, “Our expanded partnership with Anzu brings IAS’s powerful viewability and invalid traffic measurement products to in-game 3D settings for the first time, demonstrating our leadership in the gaming space while providing marketers with even greater levels of transparency and actionable data to deliver results for their campaigns.”