Manila, Philippines – Hepmil Philippines, a technology-driven media company behind the popular digital platform PGAG, has unveiled its latest production hub in Makati City, along with an exciting lineup of diverse and innovative content.

The new 400-square-metre production hub features a variety of creative zones, including spacious studios, versatile workstations, lounges, and a fully equipped wardrobe department. These customisable spaces cater to diverse content production needs, fostering flexibility and agility in the creative process.

With its expanded capabilities, Hepmil Philippines is poised to lead in innovative content creation, enabling brands to engage audiences with captivating and relevant content. The new production hub addresses the rising demand for enhanced virtual production services, driven by consumers’ increasing selectivity in online content consumption.

Hepmil Philippines’ hub expansion will also empower hundreds of creators within its network. 

In addition to PGAG, the company has officially launched ‘We The Future’ (WTF), a comedic documentary series exploring the authentic stories and voices of various Filipino communities. WTF will showcase the unique experiences and perspectives of its cast, including Jan Ryan “Zarckaroo” Azurin, Josef Spartacus “Spart” Farnacio, Jestoni “Guhit Jes” Rubantes, Sheanner Navarro, and Rian Simon “Rianismo” Magtaan.

Erwin Razon, general manager of Hepmil Philippines, said, “What’s unique about ‘We The Future’ is our hands-on approach. We go directly to the grassroots, engaging with real people and sharing authentic stories. We connect with communities and amplify the voices of those who might otherwise go unheard. Through ‘We The Future,’ we bring these stories to light.”

Razon previewed new content, including ‘Si OA,’ about a passive-aggressive individual seeking validation; ‘Pork Soju,’ which mirrors dramatic Korean dramas; and ‘Astrolo-tea,’ offering playful horoscope readings with reality checks for each zodiac sign.

The new shows are scheduled for release in the next half of 2024 and will solidify Hepmil Philippines’ commitment to innovative and diverse content, introducing fresh ideas that provide more opportunities for creators to showcase their talents and for audiences to connect with genuine, relatable stories.

“We are going to do reality-based shows where we showcase the characters and the cast and crews based on their personalities. So they actually will be a part of content pieces where they get to showcase their true selves,” Razon added.

Hepmil Philippines further plans to integrate livestreaming capabilities into its new studio to boost audience engagement and expand its diverse content offerings. It is worth noting that, following its growing popularity and monetization success, Hepmil launched an incubation programme last December to equip its 500-strong creator network with social commerce skills, solidifying its position as a digital media powerhouse in Southeast Asia.