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Tiger Beer unveils retro-modernist campaign, dramatising beer brewing process

Singapore – Just months after the release of its ‘A Bolder Tomorrow’ campaign, Tiger Beer has launched a new campaign called ‘The Brewery, Uncaged’, which dramatises the beer’s brewing process centred around a retro-modernist theme.

The campaign, once again conceptualised by Publicis Groupe’s Le Pub, doubles down on the 80s nostalgia that is trending again amongst Gen Z. Bold, simple, sometimes over-the-top but also somewhat familiar, said campaign is steeped in cues from that iconic decade but with a modern layer to the styling and music.

Tiger Beer has also reinvented and modernised the classic ‘Eye of the Tiger’ track with a rap from Mega Ran, a globally-renowned DJ, rapper, and producer. Famous for fusing hip hop and gaming and for his endearing ‘nerdcore’ lyrics, Mega Ran’s songs have debuted on the Billboard Top 200.

For Sean O’Donnell, global brand director at Tiger Beer, the campaign perfectly dramatises the brand’s attitude towards perfecting the brew in the boldest possible way, with a reinvented soundtrack to match with it.

“Explaining what makes a great beer can be a generic and boring story that’s not very exciting for most consumers. But there is boldness rooted in Tiger Beer’s attitude – since 1932, we’ve been unstoppably bold, challenging the odds as a beer that was not supposed to exist in the tropics and is now a winner of global awards, conquering 60 markets and counting,” O’Donell said.

Meanwhile, Cyril Louis, executive creative director at LePub, commented, “From the first shot, it’s clear this is not a typical beer commercial; it’s all designed to entertain a new generation. A mix of styles takes elements of the past mixed with today’s culture to create something unique and entertaining while showcasing the Tiger brewing process, quality ingredients, and award winning credentials.” 

The campaign is part of the latest 360-degree credentials campaign from Tiger Beer, which will run in all Tiger markets globally across TV, print, digital and online channels. 

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

HEINEKEN kicks off music-celebrating campaign with concerts in Malaysia, Vietnam

Singapore – As part of its campaign to celebrate music versatility, HEINEKEN has officially kicked off its ‘Refresh Your Music, Refresh Your Nights’ campaign in Asia with two concerts done in Malaysia and Vietnam. 

Launched Asia-wide, the campaign was developed by Le Pub, BBH Singapore, Leo Burnett Vietnam and Leo Burnett Malaysia, while Iris Singapore led the regional PR and influencer strategy.

Both concerts featured the world-famous electropop duo, The Chainsmokers, as well as local artists from both countries. Over 85,000 music fans attended the concerts in support of the featured artists.

The Malaysia leg of the concert was held on December 9 with homegrown artists Yunohoo and NYK, while the Vietnam stop was held the day after, featuring artists Thu Minh and Karik.

Prior to the concert series, HEINEKEN encouraged fans to vote for their favourite renditions of The Chainsmokers’ hit songs created by the local artists.

According to Rajeev Sathyesh, HEINEKEN’s brand director for APAC, the campaign was targeted at echoing HEINEKEN’s belief that life tastes better with an open mind, regardless of social situations or music preferences. 

“The fans’ incredible energy and willingness to break out of their music bubbles affirmed our belief that music does transcend all boundaries,” he added.

Heineken has also previously released a global campaign to promote work balance while enjoying a cold bottle of beer.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

How Guinness Malaysia’s recent brand activation leveraged immersive brand experiences to customers

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Popular beer brand Guinness in Malaysia has recently concluded its recent brand activation called ‘House of Guinness’ where it invited customer to a brand-oriented immersive experience related to the process and story of the Guinness beer. The campaign was first launched in July this year.

The first leg of the activation was ‘The Widget is the Key’, where customers had to grab the right widget in a blower room. This is where the nitrogen widget – a white plastic ball filled with nitrogen gas inside each Guinness Draught in a Can – came to play.

The second part was ‘Activate the Widget’ – a highly Instagrammable mission – evoking the magic of their product with a light show representing the widgets and nitrogen. Lastly, the ‘Release the Nitrogen’ mission saw fans stepping into a giant Guinness Draught in a Can. Within the can, they had to release the nitrogen to experience the iconic surge and settle that gives Guinness its cold, creamy head.

The one-of-a-kind event introduced Guinness Draught in a Can into the Malaysian market, in a fully immersive and experiential way. Lovers of the brew got to discover the magical innovation behind the latest entrant of the Heineken Malaysia Berhad portfolio, all the while taking their usual drinking experience to the next level.

In the span of eight weeks, the House of Guinness saw a total of 14,580 visitors, including members of the media, influencers, and lovers of Guinness coming together to celebrate and welcome the brew into the Malaysian market. Their attendance has set Guinness Malaysia on fire across various social media platforms, with a total of 6.6 million reach. The campaign’s PR efforts also garnered earned media coverage with a score of 97% on the Media Quality Index (MQI), and 77 million PR impressions to date.

Shaun Lim, marketing manager at Guinness Malaysia, said, “We invited Guinness lovers as well as new drinkers to immerse themselves in the House of Guinness with its unique experiences. Through this call to adventure, fans learned about Guinness Draught in a Can in a playful way, and visually got a taste of why this product is so innovative. The experience was curated to resonate with the passion points of Millennials and Gen-Z of legal drinking age. The amazing response and turnout are a testament to the brand’s ambition.”

The immersive experience was done in collaboration with Sambal Lab, who was the key driver for the concept, strategy, design and build, creatives, and implementation of the House of Guinness, the brand was able to introduce Guinness Draught in a Can to the Malaysian market in a disruptive way.

Marketing Featured Global

Heineken’s new campaign a witty way to promote work balance–thanks to a bottle opener

New York, USA – In a bid to promote work balance while enjoying a cold bottle of beer when winding down, beer brand Heineken has launched a global campaign dedicated to the launch of ‘The Close’, a bottle opener that is programmed to shut down all work applications when used.

The new product is then dramatised in this satirical ad, where it depicts several workers caught up in their work and then wanting to drink a bottle of beer, shutting down their workspaces, including their electronics and other equipment. The ad is the antidote to the increasing demands of the always-on work culture, and ‘The Closer bottle’ opener itself is a satirical symbol for the power every worker has to close down at the end of the day.

The campaign, alongside the product launch, was conceptualised by Publicis Italy/Le Pub.

Bram Westenbrink, global head of Heineken® Brand at Heineken, said, “As a brand, we have always stood for creating moments of shared connections with others. With the once-rigid boundaries between work and personal time rapidly deteriorating following the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to spark a much-needed conversation about the importance of resisting the societal pressures to be in a constant state of busy work and encourage workers around the world to reprioritize social and leisure time with the people who matter most.”

Meanwhile, Bruno Bertelli, global chief creative officer at Publicis Worldwide, commented, “As people continue to feel like they have to work all the time, they’re forgetting that disconnecting is even an option. That’s why we created The Closer. It’s not just technology; it’s a social provocation to help people see that the pressure to work all the time is getting a little ridiculous and we all have the power to log off and go hang out with our friends again.”

This is the first campaign from Heineken that launches ‘For a Fresher World’, a new creative expression that aims to refresh the world by showing life tastes better with an open mind. With this new approach, campaigns will strive to challenge the obvious, reconsider stereotypes and oppose tired cliches.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Heineken’s ‘Solar Power’ dramatizes energy-sapping moments in new ad

Singapore – Amid the beverage market dominated by giant brands, the campaign by Heineken’s latest energy drink Solar Energy aims to portray itself to be a cheeky yet relatable brand by showing off everyday moments any of us could use an energy boost.

Conceptualized with creative agency GOVT Singapore, the campaign showcases everyday moments folks could use help of additional energy, such as keeping in focus in an architectural mockup, or how one needs an energy boost on a Monday work.

Sharing more on the energy drink’s launch, Johnny Tan, country manager at Heineken Asia Pacific Beverages, said that with increasing demands of consumers in the functional beverage category, they are proud that the launch of Solar Power in Singapore is Heineken’s first step in meeting these needs.

“Most of us need an energy boost besides coffee, isotonic beverages and regular energy drinks. Solar Power is an alternative that allows the everyday person to get a boost while knowing that they’re only putting good energy into their bodies,” Tan said.

Meanwhile, Kevin Joseph, associate creative director at GOVT Singapore, commented, “We started off by listing down daily drainers, moments all of us have experienced, then figured out ways to dramatize them in outlandish and irreverent ways. The result was a series of content that people can watch, have a chuckle at and say ‘Yea, I’ve been there before’. And after that, hopefully reach for a can of Solar Power.”

Together with agency partners AKA Asia spearheading media and influencer relations, with dentsu Singapore leading media planning and buying, the campaign launched on 15 Nov with a series of posters, films, digital banners, point of sale materials (POSMs).

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Heineken SG lets you dream up holiday of choice–and gives you chance to ‘win’ it

Singapore – Beer brand Heineken in Singapore has launched a special campaign that lets you share your dream holiday and actually gives you a chance to win it and experience it–the closest to reality.

Done in partnership with travel and leisure booking platform Klook, the ‘Heineken Festive Cheers’ campaign involves a brief quiz to match you to your dream holiday. Heineken lets you be carefree with how you envision your dream vacation–and then matches you with something close within the bounds of the beauty of Singapore.

Prompts include where you wish to go, if whether you’d like to escape or explore the city, and what your sighted R & R involves such as a festive party or a scrumptious spread. 

At the heart of the campaign is a special microsite. From 26 November to 24 December 2021, consumers can head to the ‘Heineken Festive Cheers’ site to wing the quiz and be matched to any of the campaign’s prepared holiday packages in Singapore. In the end, participants will be given an exclusive Klook Promo Code for a chance to win it.

With the focus on local tourism, Gerald Yeo, the marketing director of Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore, Heineken’s parent company, said celebrating the holidays doesn’t need necessarily mean traveling somewhere new and that it’s about making time to meet family and friends.

“We look forward to Heineken being at the heart of many celebrations right here in Singapore this season, giving us even more reasons to celebrate with those who matter,” said Yeo. 

Meanwhile, Sarah Wan, Klook’s general manager for Singapore, commented, “Klook is delighted to partner with Heineken to spread festive cheer and joy this year-end. We have made it our mission to uncover hidden gems, feature local merchants, and to pioneer unique experiences here in Singapore. We are confident that this campaign will help bring more awareness to local merchants and shed light on how much Singapore has to offer.” 

Some of the leisure packages that can be won include a staycation for two at Lloyd’s Inn, a staycation at KēSa House, The Unlimited Collection by Oakwood for two, and a guided hike around Keppel by X-Trekkers, among many others. 

Of course, Heineken will be with celebrators at every step of the way. With each leisure package comes a Heineken Blade and a compact 8-liter countertop draught set-up to make sure winners are able to enjoy their Heineken beer as they revel in the holidays. 

In addition to winning experiences, fans could walk away with special Heineken packages such as a six-pack of Heineken or a six-month supply of Heineken.