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Gushcloud tapped by Korean online fashion platform MUSINSA as digital partner in SEA

Singapore – Global creator and entertainment company Gushcloud has been appointed by MUSINSA, a Korean online fashion platform, as its digital partner in Southeast Asia. Through the appointment, Gushcloud will provide marketing services–including influencer marketing services–to MUSINSA as it accelerates its growth in the region.

With deep insight and a strong network in Southeast Asia, Gushcloud has been partnering with MUSINSA to deliver the most localised content aligning with their core branding messages.

The move rides the wave of global interest in Korean culture, particularly in K-dramas, K-Pop, Korean food, beauty, and fashion. In Southeast Asia, Korean dramas are the largest consumed online video content category, as well as K-Pop-related online videos.

MUSINSA’s ‘Global Store’ presents current Korean fashion trends, including Seoul fashion from casual, street style, and contemporary to luxury, sports, and beauty.

In May this year, Gushcloud launched a new live commerce unit called GC LIVE which operates premium live commerce shows distributing global brands into SEA.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Gushcloud launches new live commerce network, appoints Mary Shynne Santos as its regional head

Philippines – Gushcloud International, a global technology-driven digital talent and media company, has launched its new live commerce unit GC LIVE, which operates premium live commerce shows distributing global brands into SEA. This launch comes after Gushcloud’s move to further establish itself as a global business.

GC LIVE operates premium Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) production with top influencers. Open Broadcaster Software is an open-source streaming software for mixing and producing live video content. Powered by this technology, GC LIVE aims to provide and create high-definition live streaming shows all over Southeast Asia. 

To lead the live commerce division, Gushcloud has appointed Mary Shynne Santos, former head of Kumu Live, to be its new regional head of GC LIVE.

Santos believes that live commerce is the future and the GC LIVE team is ready to take on more global brands and content and localise it into the region. 

“GC LIVE produced ‘Reel K-Hauls with Jessica Lee’, the first-ever cross-border show for Lazada PH and I’d say we started off with a bang! I believe that teamwork is the key to every successful project and the team definitely showed that. The show ran for 3 months and we hit our targets and all items were sold out,” said Santos.

Meanwhile, Felice Olondriz, Gushcloud’s head of talents for the Philippines, said, “The launch of GC Live would definitely open doors for our talents and GCPH. Our team is excited to roll out live commerce executions that utilise our roster talents. This is not just a new revenue stream that we’re excited to have, but more importantly, an avenue for talent growth and multifaceted upskilling.”

Jamie Paraso, Gushcloud’s country director for the Philippines, noted, “The roll-out of GC Live is only the beginning and will open opportunities for the whole ecosystem that we look to grow and thrive, especially here in the Philippines. I look forward to the future shows that our Live Team, led by Shynne, will be able to produce.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Gushcloud appoints Kristel De Ocampo as new head of sales

Manila, Philippines – Gushcloud in the Philippines, the technology-driven digital talent and media company, has announced the appointment of Kristel De Ocampo as its new head of sales.

De Ocampo brings in over to the media agencyover 11 years of experience in the advertising industry, with exposure in handling all kinds of media, from TV, radio and digital. 

She started her advertising career as an account executive in traditional advertising, where she was exposed to a variety of media genres including entertainment, sports, and news. After joining the advertising media congress, she transitioned to digital and became familiar with the digital ecosystem, including influencer marketing. She eventually rose to the position of business unit head for an influencer marketing firm.

Now joining Gushcloud Philippines, she welcomes the challenge of her new role as the head of sales. De Ocampo is prepared to expand the company’s clients, relying on the network and relationships she has developed over time. Simultaneously, she intends to instill a ‘family-work’ culture in her team, emphasising the importance of trust, teamwork, and open communication as they strive to become better and wiser brand partners.

Speaking about her appointment, De Ocampo said, “I’m excited to share what I’ve learned over the years. I want to impart knowledge and inspire my team to continuously do better each day and remind them that it’s okay to take one step at a time as long as we have clear goals in mind. I am looking forward to working together with the right set of people with the right attitude and positive mindset.”

Meanwhile, Jamie Paraso, country manager of Gushcloud, commented, “We’re excited to have Kristel’s leadership and experience onboard as we continue to scale this 2022. As we move into a more digitally savvy world and ways of working, her extensive knowledge in digital ad sales, strategy and marketing will help strengthen our client relationships. All the while continuing to add value to Gushcloud’s local presence and progressive culture both internally and externally.” 

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Gushcloud PH unveils partnership with fashion icon Rajo Laurel

Philippines — Gushcloud in the Philippines, the technology-driven digital talent and media company, has announced the recent signing of known local fashion designer, Rajo Laurel, to help him grow his digital presence. In this collaboration, the digital talent and entertainment agency will be working closely with Laurel to represent him, manage key brands, and provide strategic channel management support.

The fashion icon shared his thoughts on the partnership, saying, “I’m very much looking forward to the new collaborations that Gushcloud and I will be able to make. Transitioning to digital can be daunting, but I am excited about this journey because this would open avenues for me to engage and interact with my followers and fellow designers,” Laurel said.

Laurel holds an extensive understanding of the creative industry and with over 30 years of experience in fashion, he was able to launch his own brands namely RAJO and House of Laurel. Through the partnership, Laurel hopes to connect more with his followers, giving them a glimpse of his passion, sense of purpose, and even giving a peek of his personal life. He is also excited to collaborate with fellow content creators and brands.

Felice Olondriz, head of talents of Gushcloud Philippines, commented that for this year, Gushcloud wants to take up space not just through their influencer marketing capacity, but in the digital entertainment stage as well. Olondriz added that the exciting collaboration with Rajo Laurel is only the beginning of opening up his influence to brands and consumers alike through representation and channel management.

“Ultimately, our vision as partners is to leverage Gushcloud’s more advanced entertainment efforts such as NFTs and new digital channel explorations, so Laurel can create a more positive influence amidst the clutter in digital marketing and advertising. Time and again, Gushcloud proves how our strength on digital strategy is not only for our brand campaigns but also for our exclusive talents who want to finally expand their digital footprint,” Olondriz said.

Jamie Paraso, country director of Gushcloud Philippines, said, “At Gushcloud, we are welcoming 2022, true to our theme of stronger and smarter! It is our pleasure to have the privilege to represent one of the fashion icons in our country, Rajo Laurel. As a digital talent and entertainment agency, our goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem where brands, influencers and content creators can grow together and create a strong positive influence. This collaboration aims to strengthen Rajo Laurel’s digital presence but I also believe that it will create ripples that can inspire the minds of like-minded individuals.”

Aside from Laurel, Gushcloud has also recently signed celebrity wedding videographer, Jason Magbanua, and gaming creator Chin Valdes, among others.

Last January, Gushcloud helped spearhead Sneakertopia’s expansion in Asia.

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Gushcloud, SL Experiences to bring ‘Sneakertopia’ to Asia

Seoul, South Korea – ‘Sneakertopia’, an immersive sneaker pop-up experience, is coming to Asia this 2022, starting off in Seoul, South Korea in April following a successful pop-up participation at the Chongqing Jiebeifang International Consumer Festival in China. The Asia rollout of the immersive experience is made possible by digital talent and media company Gushcloud and entertainment design entity SL Experiences.

‘Sneakertopia’ is an immersive exhibition built to honor sneaker culture, featuring artworks of global and local artists whose street art masterpieces are influenced by sneaker culture in sports, music, film, art, and fashion. After its launch in Seoul, the exhibition aims to travel around North and Southeast Asia for a wide variety of audiences to experience the world of sneakers.

Producer Steve Harris and Silicon Valley Tech entrepreneur Steve Brown founded ‘Sneakertopia’ with their intention to share the celebration of love for sneakers all around the world.

“Sneakertopia Asia is a dream that our team has been developing for years. We’ve had great success bonding over our love for sneakers in Los Angeles, and we wanted to bring this celebration over to Asia where a lot of people share the same passion. Although we’ve had a few bumps in the road with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still a great demand for offline experiences and we want people to experience and appreciate the transformative culture of sneakers,” Harris said.

Sneakertopia also incorporates a digital-physical hybrid experience with augmented reality integration that allows visitors to discover the story behind the sneaker culture icons and idols beyond what is visually present. 

Ross Leo, co-founder at SL Experiences, said, “Even amidst the COVID-19 closures we have seen the huge pent up demand for offline experiences, be it through retail or attractions. Although the dependency in online and digital usage is undeniable, great offline experiences which incorporate elements of digital components like ‘Sneakertopia’ will further increase visitors’ experience and enjoyment.”

Meanwhile, Althea Lim, CEO at Gushcloud International, commented, “As we’ve seen over the years, it’s not just about the products anymore. The experience economy is booming and now is the perfect time for Gushcloud to be at the forefront of driving this trend further in the East and the West. With Sneakertopia in Asia, we hope to bring in more experiences that people will love and that will shape the future of the experience economy in Asia.”

Jamie Paraso, country director at Gushcloud Philippines, also added, “As an avid fan of sneakers, I was really looking forward to this engagement. Sneakertopia opens Gushcloud to a wider playing field where like-minded individuals would be able to share their passions. It’s a dream that’s being actualized and as Gushcloud, we get to be a part of this powerful cultural journey. Despite these unprecedented times there continues to be a big push here in Asia showcasing how experiences continue to bring people together from across the globe.”

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Influencer marketing agency Gushcloud PH signs celebrity gamer Chin Valdes

Manila, Philippines – Influencer marketing agency in the Philippines, Gushcloud, has recently signed gamer, singer, and actor Chin Valdes to help him grow his digital presence and overall digital strategy. 

Currently, Valdes’ YouTube channel houses gameplay highlights of his two favorite games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Genshin Impact. 

As part of the deal, Gushcloud will be working with Valdes to represent and manage key brand deals, and to provide channel management support. It will co-manage Valdes’ YouTube channel and explore a variety of content that would allow the viewers to get to know him beyond the gaming space. 

Chin shared that gaming, especially today, is so relatable and at the same time, influential. It has taught him that nothing ever gets easy, to keep moving forward, to continuously learn and level up, which has affected how he approaches things in real life. 

“I want to be able to share these with my viewers as we both enjoy our love for gaming,” said Chin.

Jamie Paraso, Gushcloud Philippines’ country director, noted that they constantly aim for a holistic evolution that brings out the different facets of their talents, as they come into their own in the entertainment industry. 

“Indeed, it is an honor to be part of their journey as their collaborative creative partner. We are beyond excited to have Chin Valdes onboard to unlock different paths beyond gaming and reach creative milestones together,” said Paraso.

Aside from Valdes, Gushcloud has also signed celebrity wedding videographer Jason Magbanua, gaming creator Yuka Kuroyanagi, as well as celebrities Bangs Garcia, Ciara Sotto, Bettinna Carlos, Michelle Madrigal, and Patrick Garcia, among others.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Influencer agency Gushcloud ties up with Lazada PH to launch Korean wave-oriented LazLive series

Manila, Philippines – The popularity of ‘Hallyu’, or the Korean Wave, has deeply taken Filipino fans by storm today, and with this, influencer marketing agency, Gushcloud, has recently partnered with e-commerce platform Lazada in the Philippines, to launch a new LazLive show titled, ‘Reel K-Hauls’.

Jessica Lee, which is a talent of Gushcloud, will be hosting the series. She is a content creator that has over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube and 73,000 followers on Instagram.

Reel K-Hauls aims to ride on the hallyu wave, showcasing popular Korean brand products and the beauty of Seoul, South Korea. With weekly themes highlighting Korean beauty and Korean cuisine, the LazLive series seeks to be the gateway for Filipinos to shop and see the city from the comforts of their homes. The show is set to run for 12 weeks, every Friday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm PHT on LazLive.

Shynne Santos, the regional operations head of live commerce at Gushcloud, noted that as people are now embracing the new platform of selling, which promotes live streaming here in the Philippines, the agency is helping to connect with the needs of the people who are working and staying at home and the brands.

“With more than 14,000 views and it being the pilot episode of Gushcloud’s Live commerce Project, it is safe to say that this weekly LazLive, featuring our very own Jessica Lee, will be a hit to the Filipinos,” said Santos.

Meanwhile, Andrew Lim, Gushcloud’s country director for Korea, commented, “We are truly excited to be pushing the cross-border envelope from Korea to the Philippines by partnering with the Lazada Philippines team. We hold strong conviction in live commerce as a cross-border sales and marketing tool, and will continue to invest in this emerging business.”

Jamie Paraso, Gushcloud’s country director for the Philippines, said that over the years, they have seen how Filipinos have ridden the Hallyu wave, making this a very strategic partnership with Lazada. 

“Leveraging on our globality as a firm, we are now able to bring viewers from the Philippines to Seoul virtually through Reel K-Hauls with Jessica Lee. Alongside this strategic approach is Gushcloud’s promise to enrich our talents’ versatility in the digital space,” said Paraso.

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Gushcloud PH welcomes celebrity videographer Jason Magbanua to company talent roster

Manila, Philippines – Digital talent and media company Gushcloud in the Philippines has recently signed Jason Magbanua, a celebrated local videographer known for his videography stints at well-known celebrity weddings in the country, as well as his own visual storyteller stints.

In an exclusive deal, the digital talent and marketing agency will be working closely with the esteemed videographer to represent and manage key brand deals, and to provide channel management support. Said deal is aimed at bolstering as well the talent’s digital presence and thought leadership.

With over 20 years of experience, a slew of international awards, and a strong roster of clients, Magbanua is known as well for capturing captivating video content for corporate clients and brands.

Speaking about this endeavor, Magbanua mentioned that the past year has been really challenging, to say the least, adding that events had to be put on hold and wedding shoots had to be cancelled. However, he mentioned that his passion to create was the one thing that didn’t stop him. 

“I shot and edited, and learned to master my craft – which is why I’m very excited to be in this new partnership with Gushcloud Philippines. I’ve received a ton of emails and direct messages about partnerships and representation and while all these messages were courteous and polite, none approached it the way the Gushcloud team did,” Magbanua said.

He added, “They were not only very nice people, but patient, thorough, forward thinking, and transparent. Inking the agreement was a process of relationship building and not once did I feel obliged or pressured. I’m eager to learn and create, and I’m looking forward to partnering with brands and exerting influence not just to sell but for the greater good.”

As part of the deal, Gushcloud Philippines will co-manage his personal YouTube channel where he shares his creative process, including reviews, tips, and tutorials. Magbanua also has over 314,000 subscribers on his second YouTube channel where he shares wedding films of celebrities and other couples. Apart from this, he also has over 113,000 Instagram followers and over 250,000 Facebook followers. 

“At Gushcloud, our goals have always been to create a sustainable ecosystem where brands, influencers, and content creators grow together. We’re thrilled to have Jason Magbanua onboard, to collaborate and strengthen his digital presence. Excited for him to impart his expertise, and continue to create a strong positive influence in our collective industry,” said Jamie Paraso, country director at Gushcloud Philippines

Aside from Jason Magbanua, Gushcloud has also signed gaming creator Yuka Kuroyanagi, celebrities Bangs Garcia, Ciara Sotto, Bettinna Carlos, Michelle Madrigal, and Patrick Garcia and family for channel management.