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GE unveils new brand names for three future public companies

Singapore – Multinational conglomerate company General Electric (GE) has unveiled brand names for three of its upcoming planned public companies that are focused on the growth sectors of healthcare, energy, and aviation.

For its healthcare division, the new brand name is called GE Healthcare. They also intend to launch in 2023 its tax-free spin-off of the company, creating an independent company driving innovation in precision health to improve patient outcomes and address critical patient and clinical challenges.

The new brand colour for GE HealthCare is called ‘compassion purple’ to reflect more humanity and warmth and achieve greater distinction.

Meanwhile, GE’s existing energy portfolio of businesses, including renewable energy, power, digital, and energy financial Services, will sit together under the brand name GE Vernova. This will be planned for launch in early 2024.

The new name is a combination of ‘ver’, derived from ‘verde’ and ‘verdant’ to signal the greens and blues of the Earth, and ‘nova’, from the Latin ‘novus’, or ‘new’, reflecting a new and innovative era of lower carbon energy that GE Vernova will help deliver. These attributes also are reflected in GE Vernova’s new ‘evergreen’ brand colour.

Lastly, GE’s aviation business will be called GE Aerospace, and will be the main focus for the company. Following the planned separations, GE Aerospace would own the GE trademark and would provide long-term licences to the other companies.

The GE Monogram, new name, and new ‘atmosphere blue’ brand colour—representing the upper limits of the atmosphere—maintain the brand’s strong standing in the aviation sector, while setting forth a confident vision to compete and advance in the field of aerospace and defence for future generations.

Speaking about the new brand names, Linda Boff, chief marketing officer at GE, said, “Over the course of the last six months, we engaged in a thorough, customer-led process to understand the intrinsic value of the GE brand for our planned future companies. Based on data and analysis drawn from thousands of conversations, it became clear that the GE name and our century-plus old Monogram represent a legacy of innovation, symbol of trust by global customers, pride for our team, and a talent magnet for future leaders. We’re proud these future businesses will be able to build on GE’s DNA of innovation.”