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Fiverr launches new platform ‘Togetherr’ to connect creative teams to global brands

Singapore – Online freelance marketplace Fiverr has announced the launch of its new platform ‘Togetherr™’, where creative teams can be connected to leading global brands and agency clients for creative works.

The new platform uses the proprietary technology ‘Creative Genome’ to construct teams from an exclusive group of creative talent. These teams will be curated and matched to support brands and agencies on specific projects and campaigns.

‘Togetherr’ builds on Fiverr’s mission of revolutionising how the world works together. This new platform puts talent and creativity at its core and uses technology powered by an AI engine to help leading brands engage with and manage teams of top-tier independent creatives to meet their project goals.

Amir Guy, general manager at Togetherr, said. “The agency-of-record (AOR) model, based on hefty retainers, bloated head-counts, overheads, and complex processes, is not meeting today’s client needs. Clients need a lot more for less, and faster. Trying to meet these needs without changing our industry’s complex system resulted in broken spirits, lack of bravery, lack of excitement, and short-termism.”

He added, “We lost our creative icons, our magicians, our storytellers. Creatives were driven out of our industry, and clients are now looking for them elsewhere. The last two years taught our clients that they can find creativity elsewhere, and produce campaigns better and faster.”

Brands will no longer be bound by bureaucracy, agencies-of-record, and long request for proposal (RFP) processes to bring campaigns to life. With Togetherr, the platform obtains the brief from the client, and the powerful AI engine will build a team specifically curated for that particular project. They get access to world class talent – to enhance the capabilities of their in-house creative teams – a space we see a lot of brands building out – or to build an entire freelance creative team to deliver new ideas or test new approaches.

Meanwhile, Micha Kaufman, CEO of Fiverr, commented “Togetherr is a platform that aims to enable and accelerate new ways of working in the creative industry. When you allow yourself to look beyond the old system and challenge the way things have been done forever, you realise that talent can be found everywhere, on a global scale.” 

He added, “You also find that diversity, which is so essential for creativity, becomes truly possible when you go beyond old constructs. Leading brands today often build their own creative capabilities in-house, and they need easy ways to augment them with outside independent talent and micro agencies on a project-by-project basis.”

Lastly, Greg Hahn, co-founder and COO of Mischief and advisor at Togetherr. “I’ve worked with big agencies and small agencies and founded a boutique small agency that does things differently. There’s no right or wrong way to unlock creativity, however, by putting talent and ideas over profits, you remove the pressure and make way for beautiful, bold, and diverse ideas. This is what Togetherr is all about – using technology to unlock people’s creativity and putting talent first. I am thrilled to have been a part of building this incredible platform and am excited to tap its potential myself.”

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

This SG-based app lets you buy and sell freelance marketing services

Singapore – Gigworks, a local-based platform which allows buyer-seller integration facets of freelance services, has been recently launched in Singapore. 

Gigwork’s freelance mobile application platform caters to the growing demand for local and global freelance service engagement opportunities, especially as COVID-19 restrictions have seen a rise in remote work demand. Services offered include content writing, graphic and web designing, coding, translation, photo and video editing, and online marketing.

Gigwork’s freelance mobile application features a search integration to find freelance services easily using keywords, chat function for buyer-seller communication, review system to rate service efficiency and professionalism, and a dashboard to check balances and income based on previous projects. 

Catered primarily for freelancers and small businesses, Gigworks hopes that this new mobile application will help bridge the gap between job opportunities and create a network for other innovation systems locally and globally.

“The mission of Gigworks is to bring stellar work opportunities that are a match to people’s talents and capabilities with ease. We want to help people improve their lives as well as financial situations by having easy access to a myriad of good work projects via our platform,” Glenn Tay, CEO and founder of Gigworks stated.

Tay, who founded IT consultancy firm Plexure in 2011, is using his experience in founding the aforementioned consultancy firm and programming skills to develop Gigworks into a more online professional service engagement.

The mobile application is available on Google Play and on the app store, and users can register to offer their own services or seek one.

SME Featured APAC

Global services firm Aon, Singapore’s Doerscircle partner to provide insurance solutions to independent workers in Asia

Singapore – Aon, a global professional services firm which provides a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions, and Singapore-headquartered Doerscircle, an all-in-one services platform dedicated for startups, have entered into a collaboration to provide insurance solutions to the often underserved workforce of entrepreneurs, startuppers, and freelancers. The partnership will initially target Asia, and solutions will be offered through Doerscircle’s platform.

According to the information by the companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore account for two-thirds of all employment and contribute to close to S$200 billion to the Singaporean economy. 

Meanwhile, on a global scale, despite the World Bank’s recent findings that almost 50% of the global workforce is self-employed, access and affordability continue to be a challenge as traditional insurance plans are not usually designed to fit the needs of the self-employed.

Aon and Doerscircle aim to address these pain points and at the same time, leverage the economical contribution of this demographic of workers. The collaboration will see the development of commercial, risk, and health insurance solutions to answer the needs of smaller enterprises and independent workers, enabling them to focus on growing their business instead of spending time and energy on understanding and managing insurance issues.

Members of Doerscircle will be able to have access to tailored insurance solutions through a streamlined online process on the Doerscircle platform.

Over time, Doerscircle aims to extend these offerings to include more products and countries, leveraging Aon’s broad network, risk management expertise, and global capabilities.

“The current business and economic environment are changing the way people work. We are excited to collaborate with Doerscircle to address the specific insurance needs of this key segment of independent workers,” said Tobias Schneider, head of financial institutions and SME of Affinity Asia unit at Aon.

Meanwhile, Doerscircle founder Helle Priess said, “Doerscircle aims to challenge the status quo and reshape the world for independent doers – entrepreneurs, startuppers and freelancers. We strongly believe that insurance solutions should be accessible, relevant, easy to understand, and transparent. We’re thrilled that Aon has the same vision. We’re confident that together, we will set new standards in insurance offerings for independent doers.”