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Freelance marketplace Fiverr launches new app experience for visual discovery

New York, USA – Fiverr, the global marketplace for freelancers has launched a new mobile experience for its mobile application focused on visual discovery and ideation. The new experience, called Inspire, is based on allowing customers to interact with the content on the platform by ‘liking’ it in their feed, and adding it to a mood board or list within the app for later reference.

Content within the Inspire feed is carefully curated based on customers’ recent searches and purchases on the platform, in order to create a highly personalized, one-of-a-kind experience where they are able to draw inspiration for current or future projects.

‘Inspire’ is designed to help customers discover the incredible talent that is available to them through Fiverr. In addition, it also serves as a means to discover the array of services and capabilities that can be beneficial to their business or project needs.

Speaking about the new mobile experience, Liron Markus, VP of product at Fiverr said, “Inspire is meant to be a place where this work can be celebrated, brought to life, and most of all, help visualize the endless possibilities and opportunities available on Fiverr. We are excited to see what kind of inspiration and ideas come from this new experience and to continue commemorating and recognizing the hard work of talented freelancers everywhere.”

‘Inspire’ is based on features of authentic output from freelancers, visual discovery on their feed, personalized feed, engagement and interaction, as well as app exploration.

To experience the new mobile experience, users would need to download the updated Fiverr app version on Google Play and iTunes.

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Job portal Dream Career Builder adds new “work from home” feature for Singapore, Malaysia

Singapore  – Dream Career Builder, a job portal with a dedication to Singapore and Malaysia, has integrated a new “Work from Home” feature in its search function. The company said the new feature is its response to meet employment needs in the middle of the growing gig economy as well as the continuous job cuts in both countries.

Aside from connecting job seekers and employers, the new feature will provide ranking signals that amplify rankings of remote and work from home opportunities for more conversion of leads.

Further, for a small sum, prospective employers can opt to have job posts boosted on the job portal, improving the chances of finding a suitable candidate. 

The company said in a press statement, “As the economy goes through major restructuring, and industries are reshaped, Dream Career Builder seeks to understand employment needs compounded by the global pandemic.”

It added, “By tapping on the growing gig economy, it has established a platform of mutualism, enabling the direct solicitation for employment without geographical restrictions.”