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First Choice promotes digital native-oriented credit card through a futuristic tale

Bangkok, Thailand Credit card brand First Choice in Thailand together with creative agency Leo Burnett Thailand has launched a new campaign titled ‘Mafia of Digital World’, a futuristic tale that promotes the ‘XU by First Choice’ credit card to a generation of digital natives.

The campaign is directed by Bhakpong Skonvitayanon at B1 Films and stars Ink Warunthone, one of Thailands popular female artist. It is set in a surreal world ruled by a demanding mafia boss who has a penchant for ‘collabs’ and unboxing. When her excessive demands exceed her budget, she faces an army of budget cutters, and the chaos begins.

Athip Sinpagekan, EVP head of marketing at First Choice, said that as natives of the digital world, Gen Z can control their whole world with just their fingertips. 

“Many of their demands or desires occur totally on digital platforms – they have so much freedom of thought and independence, which is why we launched ‘XU by First Choice’ – a credit card that makes it easy for younger generations to connect with new lifestyles online,” Sinpagekan said.

The agency said that XU by First Choice is a credit card that targets young and digital-savvy audience. The benefits it offers ranging from 0% interest for online purchases for up to 6 months to monthly e-coupons that can be redeemed online, cash back of up to 18% for online shopping, plus online purchase protection and spending alerts.

Meanwhile, Sarut Yungcharoen, group creative director at Leo Burnett Thailand, commented, To get Gen Z’s attention, we created a fantastical world that’s ruled by an all-powerful mafia boss, played by one of the most famous female artists in Thailand, especially for Gen Z.”

“It’s an unconventional approach from a brand that is passionate about tailoring its products to the needs of a younger audience, and isn’t afraid to break category norms to get their attention,” Yungcharoen added.

The ‘Mafia of Digital World’ follows the recent launch of ‘Metaverrrrrr’, a parody of making the world’s first metaverse commercial to promote First Choice credit cards.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

How to shoot an ad in the metaverse? First Choice, Leo Burnett TH shows how

Bangkok, Thailand – Credit card brand First Choice in Thailand has released its newest ad – a parody of making the world’s first metaverse commercial. The ad was developed by creative agency Leo Burnett Thailand who shared that the inspiration was none other than the coming of the metaverse and how it is becoming a hot topic for younger generations across the globe. 

The agency shared that the brand aimed to promote its credit cards to a young and blockchain-savvy audience, which gave them the idea: Why not shoot the commercial entirely in the metaverse?

With metaverse an entirely new phenomenon, the agency spun a sarcastic flavour to the ad ‘Metaverrrrrr,’ which shows the First Choice marketing team working alongside Thai Stars Mario and Pattie. The ad demonstrates how unique the demands and challenges will become in shooting in a metaverse setting, such as lagging and disappearing avatars. 

“As a credit card brand for the young generation, First Choice is jumping on the Metaverse trend with a unique vision for brand communications and a funny, witty execution,” says Athip Sinpagekan, EVP and head of marketing at First Choice.

Sompat Trisadikun, chief creative officer at Leo Burnett Thailand, added, “We loved the idea of filming in the Metaverse in a style that will engage this generation of banking customers. It’s relatable, timely, complete with glitches and poor signals: we hope it will stand out in a category that is often safe and conservative.”

First Choice credit cards offer benefits such as credit health checks, spending alerts, bonus points and cashback rewards. ‘Metaverrrrrr’ builds on another recent campaign by Leo Burnett Thailand, which is the First NFT Credit Card ART Collaboration. 

In January, First Choice unveiled its first NFT Credit Card ART Collaboration, a one-of-a-kind NFT token designed in collaboration with Thai NFT artist PUCK.

“The banking system is facing radical transformation as a new generation moves towards the blockchain system. We have been working with Leo Burnett Thailand to let them know that First Choice is ready to face the change together. Our goal is to penetrate this market and promote our brand image to suit the lifestyles of the Metaverse,” added Sinpagekan